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When one isn’t really into watching animes, isn’t it only normal to prefer online uploads (streaming) over downloading a full series or buying the DVD and Bluray discs? That also depends on one’s resources, of course. But assuming one has an internet connection at home, and is bored, that person will probably choose the first option. The me two years ago will have to agree.

In the period where one only gets to watch a show because they’re tired of their friends’ endless commendations and spazzes – and in order to make them shut up, you’ll oblige – one wouldn’t put much effort getting into that particular show. The enthusiasm was forced so if the person’s “friends” won’t provide the materials, the person in question will probably go to Google and click the first page that comes up, and watch blandly, the hell with quality. That person will probably watch it even if they have to start at Episode 10 (not that they noticed). So the next time, when asked if he or she watched it, the person will say ‘yes’. Well, they did watch it – just not from the start. They can always say “I’m not done yet” and change the subject. Or:

Kimi ni Todoke _ Season 1 - 002 Seating Change 席替え.mkv

That is normal for uninterested people.

And then there was me. A hardcore SNSD fan which interests lie in a completely different area of entertainment. A person who miraculously and unknowingly surrounded herself with anime-fans for friends. I’m not someone who make a big deal out of other people’s hobbies, and while I’m not easily swayed by “peer pressure” or stuffs related to that, I at least try to learn a bit about their likes, since it helps with the flow of conversation. It’s amusing whenever I ask something anime-related, and they immediately bombard me with information, characters, plots, and recommendations (obviously trying to ‘convert’ me) that I just reply with “please send the list to my cellphone” or “please write it in a piece of paper so I won’t forget”. But since it wasn’t really my thing, I never got around finishing an anime. Whenever I try to start, an SNSD update comes out and bam, I forget what I was doing before that.

Me to Girls' Generation

Me to Girls’ Generation

All that happened back in early 2011.

Kimi ni Todoke” (君に届け lit. Reaching You) or “From Me to You” is probably one of the most popular anime/manga in the Shoujo genre, something one of my friends never fail to mention to me. It was the very first anime I downloaded. Until now I can never answer why – of all the animes mentioned, all the animes I could’ve just watched online – did I download this one? In 720p, no less (even now I think 1080p is too much even if my monitor is big).

Our internet connection wasn’t really the greatest then, and downloading two episodes takes an hour to finish. The me back then will always prioritize downloading SNSD performances over any other video files. But how come I have the full season of this anime? Ironically, was that the friend who recommended it to me copied the files I downloaded because “the quality is better”.

Kimi ni Todoke _ Season 2 - 008 To You 届け.mkv

I thought that I should’ve just downloaded the smaller version because the series will just take up the space that was meant for my other files. But I never erased it. Neither did I get to watch it that year. I vaguely remember opening a file from that folder and complimenting the subtitles/typesetting but that’s about it. There were simply too much Girls’ Generation concerts in 2011.

The reader of this post will probably wonder where the heck the review for “Kimi ni Todoke” is. Well, this isn’t a review post about the series that until now – I haven’t finished. It’s just a semi-anecdote about how someone like me managed to find an very nice version of the series when I’m supposed to be ‘uninterested’.

Perhaps that was a foreshadowing for the me right now, who despises 480p version of anime episodes like a prick. And so my introduction about watching online, is just…no. Doesn’t that just hurt your eyes? Even if you say you activate Full Screen mode, the pixelated versions…

Kimi ni Todoke _ Season 2 - 005 The Person That I Like すきな人

To not leave this post hanging, I’ll tell you the reason why I haven’t finished watching the anime yet, even after two years of the files in my possession.

The colors are nice, backgrounds, also the sounds. While not the best out there, the character designs look fine too. It also has funny ‘chibi like’ scenes from time to time. But…

Have you ever heard of the phrase, ‘fingers curling in embarrassment’? Or just curling in embarrassment really. That’s me while watching this series. It’s not like I can’t stand Shoujo genre’s mushiness (or sweetness in the eyes of fans), but there’s something about this series that make me pause the video every now and then because my fingers suffer. I mean, “Kaichou wa Maid-sama” is a Shoujo too but I was able to finish it in three days (an impressive feat for me a year ago). Until I cure these weird ’embarrassment’ issues I get from watching “Kimi ni Todoke“, I’ll probably never be able to finish it. Ever.

I can admit scenes like this may be "cute" / "romantic" for most people though.

I can admit scenes like this may be “cute” / “romantic” for most people though.


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