Procrastination, Distraction?

So most people probably had those moments when they intended to do something, but ended up doing stuffs totally different. That’s me today. When Mom woke me up for breakfast I opened my laptop before I went out of my room (I want to save myself from waiting for it to open and load all the stuffs it needs to load).

After breakfast, I told myself I need to post a review for “Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica” before I forget what I think about that anime. I mean, I rewatched it a few times already and I might get tired of it and completely disregard doing a post for it if my laziness continues. I opened Firefox and WordPress, as well as the “add a new post” page. Despite doing that, I found myself opening my animes folder and watching “Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu” after five minutes.

A part of my mind went—

I thought you were going to write about Magical Girls?

I thought you were going to write about Magical Girls?

—but I ignored it. My Haruhi Suzumiya marathon continued for the next 6 hours. Or maybe it was more than 6 hours. That is probably an outrageous length for some people but in my defense, I haven’t seen this series and isn’t it nicer to watch it continuously to avoid forgetting the current plot (that sometimes happens when you drag your watching time into 1 episode per week).

In between those 6 or 8 hours, the “add a new post” window remained opened on the side of my Firefox’s task bar.

On the first “break”, I drank water and opened a bag of chocolate chip cookies. Watch. Second break, I opened the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Wikia and edited a few stuffs I forgot to do yesterday, the act of adding more articles seem endless. Watch. Third, the Facebook bar keeps on blinking (on Firefox) and it bothers me. A friend mentioned one of my tumblr gifs reached 10,000 notes. I spazzed for a few minutes and visited tumblr. The gif really did, such an amazing achievement for a 4-month old blog. I still have no idea why of all gifs, it’s of Haruhi (Ouran High School Host Club)—that name reminds me I still need to continue watching the other Haruhi so I closed tumblr, with a promise that I will post more gifs later.


On the episode I was in, Koizumi was talking about supernatural beings and whatnots. I decided to check on the MKNR Wikia again and went to Baka-Tsuki to check the light novel facts. I wrote a few summaries from Volume 1, Chapter 1 and posted it on the site. I continued my Haruhi Suzumiya marathon after closing the Wikia window.


Just a few folders below the Haruhi Suzumiya folder is the Madoka Magica folder. I remembered what I planned to do when I woke up and clicked on the still opened WordPress “add a new post” window. I wrote a sentence and Mom arrived to borrow the laptop for a bit. (I have Zuma Revenge and the likes installed and she loves playing them, on daily basis), so I wasn’t surprised anymore. I gave way and lay down on my bed.

I opened YouTube on my iPod and searched for random videos. I ended up watching Akemi Homura fighting Robocop.

When Mom finished playing games, I took a seat in front of the laptop again but I didn’t continue watching Haruhi Suzumiya. I went to YouTube and decided to watch the video above.

I’ve always wanted to buy figmas, but my SNSD merchandises eat my money and leave me with tattered pockets. I don’t exactly intend to collect a ton of anime figures but I want this. That enhanced armament “Immobile Fortress” obviously look like it’ll take a lot of space but it looks gorgeous!!

So I continued watching Moonshine’s stop-motion videos and ended up having too much fun. I was too focused while watching the Luka Megurine V.S. Kirino animation. I even wondered what Kirino must’ve done to Kuroneko for the latter to have her assassinated. Was Ruri just pissed off because Kirino prefers magical girls over Maschera? lol.

The mention of Magical Girls reminded me again of how far I’ve drifted from my original plan of posting a review for, in case you forget the title because of all the stuffs I spewed, “Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica“.

This is you getting pissed with how often I drift off topic.

This is you getting pissed with how often I drift off topic.

After having a blast with the stop-motion videos, ending with Nyarlko dancing Harlem Shake (until now I have no idea what that is but I’m not in the mood to research), I Google-d for a certain ice cream store (it’s Summer here and very hot), but their website said they’re going to pull out because this country’s customs is corrupt and the tax they put on imported goods are abnormal. I silently sided with the ice cream brand.

I will forever be bitter with customs.

After ranting a bit to my friend who conveniently appeared on my chatbox, I watched the recent episodes of Utapri Season 2 and Red Data Girl. I went back to watching Haruhi Suzumiya after it.

The “add a new post” window remained untouched until we went out for dinner.

I love Madoka Magica so I promise to this post I’ll make a review tomorrow (which is like five minutes from now). I’m uncertain if everything I wrote will happen again later.


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