I’m Lost

I’ve been busy—I say that a lot but I only watch anime or movies most of the time. Anyway, it’s very hot in here everyday that it felt like I’ve sinned a thousand times every time I go out because it burns my skin. But I fought with drowsiness and that ‘hotness’ to watch “Iron Man 3” yesterday. I quietly condemned Tony Stark and whispered, “you could’ve just given me the suits”.  But he’s awesome enough to get revenge for the ruined Limited Edition Dora the Explorer watch so I’ll let it pass.

The actual topic of this post has nothing to do with me watching Iron Man 3 though.

It’s about the day before we went to the mall. It was 9pm and my friend/college classmate told me to download Ragnarok Online. I asked her what she’s doing playing that when she has LOL, she said her internet connection pisses her off so much so she needs to lay low. I wondered what’s the connection of having me install Ragnarok Online with all that but I assumed she was bored with playing with her brother and wants to infect me with her gaming addiction.

I installed Ragnarok Online (because I’m bored), with the thought that I’ll uninstall it asap if I will not like it. At 11:30pm, “Gamer Friend” and I went online on the game. She gave me 5 Million Zeny (money on Ragnarok) to get me started. She also gave me a lot of items.

The last time I played an RPG game was in 2011 and it was Dragon Age II. Also Left 4 Dead 2.

Too bad I didn't get to finish it.

Too bad I didn’t get to finish it.

So there was a barrage of insults from me towards the graphics of Ragnarok Online (well it is a pixel game or something). But I dislike the fact that they used kiddie looking avatars…Gamer Friend told me they upgraded it on the other version. Oh well. So I started playing, I at least had a few background with how it work with games like this. I remember I used to play a lot of DOTA in high school, so Items, Shops, Requirements and whatnots are nothing new (I just realized now that it might be the reason why I’m the only one Gamer Friend keeps on bugging about installing a lot of games).

In a few minutes, I reached Base Level 9 and got a job. Gamer Friend excused herself because apparently, their family is going to the province for 5 days without internet, with a ‘good luck’ to me, she logged out.

After three hours:

I couldn't screenshot the 600+ critical hit.

While it is great I didn’t have to go too close to the enemies, buying arrows is a pain.

Without any idea where to go (I find the map and locations a bit too complicated without my guide), I reached level 37 after hunting spores and bigfoots. I managed to buy a lot of new bows with more attack power. I think it was a great idea to increase dexterity when I started.

Anyway, after I got bored, I went to sleep and woke up after an hour.

I needed to watch Iron Man 3. I arrived at the cinema 10 minutes after the movie started, I almost wanted to whack my head because trailers are the best part of theater experience and I just missed all of them, including the first six minutes of the movie. And it was in 3D. Blahblah. When I got home I played a bit.

My plan is actually to surpass my Gamer Friend’s character level before she gets back. Which is a rather challenging feat, since she’s already in her Transcendent Second Class Job, and if I remember correctly, at base level 75, or higher if my nearsightedness fooled me.

The first hurdle is this post’s title: I’M LOST.

The Archer is a First Class Job. It’s the first thing I picked after I got out of Novice level.

My Gamer Friend’s First Class Job is Swordsman, and now she’s a Lord Knight. 

You can look at this to understand more about Ragnarok Online Classes.

Gamer Friend actually helped me get the Archer job. In the field, she provoked monsters and acted as decoy while I hit them (for me to gain experience points to level up faster) and guided me through the buildings and which people I should talk to (NPC).

To promote my character to a Second Class Job, which is Hunter—I needed to consult the internet for the guide. I had a real hard time finding Hugel. And a lot happened, I arrived there anyway. But turns out I still need to acquire a few stuffs and talk to a few more people to complete the quest and be a hunter.

Quest: Find 3 Tooth of Bat, 1 Sticky Mucus, and 1 Bear Foot

The last two are checked.

Now where the heck are “Tooth of Bat”s supposed to be? From Payon I went out to the field and walked to another field and another and another. The current state of my character:

A Wolf's feet on my face.

A Wolf’s paw on my face.

The more I travel from field to field, the more hostile the monsters are. There are those that attack even when you are just passing by. I ran into a lot of trouble with the scary version of willows and beetles and other whatnots. While I know which monster will drop “Tooth of Bat”, I absolutely have no idea how to get to the place where they are. And if I do, can I fight them. Whenever I buy a lot of red potions for healing, my weight reaches its limit and I’m unable to auto-regenerate my HP and SP, which is bad because even if I sit there all day, my stats will not improve.

I have nothing more to say.

There goes the post that should’ve been for Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica review. That was supposed to be last month. In drafts it says, the post has 1400+ words…now I’m thinking of not finishing it and make one for “Toaru Majustsu no Index” and “Toaru Kagaku no Railgun” instead.


2 responses to “I’m Lost

  1. I played an archer for a while in Ragnarok Online for a month in between Final Fantasy XI and Guild Wars being released. I still remember hunting worms by shooting from a cliff so they couldn’t get to me.

    I ended up distracted and back in FFXI :p

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