Some Origins

So last month, I bought Payne (my laptop) and installed Steam to buy Dragon Age Origins. I think I mentioned somewhere in this little blog that I’ve played Dragon Age II before, so I decided to play and finish the first installment.

It’s regretful I didn’t keep track of how I played these past few days so I’ll just post a summary of it all. With some screenshots I enjoyed taking.

Because prior to this screenshot, I played and advanced using my sister’s Mage character named “Nemesis”, I wasn’t able to pay attention too much with Draiko and forgot to take screenshots of his face while I was customizing his appearance.

I chose an Dalish Elf under the Rouge class only because I had the same character when I played DA II. After using Nemesis though, I sincerely thought that Rouges were weak. But as I played through using this, I realized I was wrong. I think Duelist Rouges ain’t so bad! Their skills are cleaner than Mages with lots of spells (which I must admit does come in handy), but if you want a more dynamic gameplay, I guess Rouges are better.

Draiko fighting the first Ogre boss.

I spazzed for about…five minutes after I took this screenshot. It looks so nice!


Anyway, I named my character “Draiko” as I always does for most of the games I play. Even on Mafia Wars. You shouldn’t think much of it, since it’s just based on Harry Potter’s Draco Malfoy – my ultimate favorite in that universe. I’ve known him since he was a kid (I mean the character hahaha) so when I learned to play games and decided that using girls for characters in action games is just mean (I’m a girl as well so it hurts lol), I have been using Draiko as a codename. I think I only used a girl once as my main character, when I played DOTA and ultimately obsessed over Rylai Crestfall, for the time being, I used “Rye” as my game name.

Anyways, going back to DAO.

This is how Draiko looks like. I was, regretfully, unable to replicate my character’s appearance on DA II due to lack of options in the Origins installment. I was not satisfied with his face but saved it anyway. My sister’s Human Male Noble character looks like some European man though, I think that one was brilliant.


Some characters are just more amusing that others.

My sister think Alistair is annoying, while I view him as someone capable. Until I met Oghren of course. Alistair is kinda moody, and righteous. It’s hard to have him and Morrigan like you at the same time. I’m also not sure when he’s joking and when he’s not.


(Left to Right) My sister’s Human Male Noble character named “Dimitris” with Morrigan and Alistair.

Morrigan is a very amusing character, she’s sarcastic and mysterious. I like her sense of humor to be honest. But I didn’t want to have her as Draiko‘s love interest in the story. I prefer her to be his best friend or something.


You’re not the only one, girl. I’m sorry I made a bad choice during this dialogue.

Leliana, a bard that turned into a sister of the Chantry who later become one of Draiko‘s comrades, is one of my favorite party members. I must admit that she’s pathetic. But the way I messed with her Tactics made her a reliable person in battle. Whenever I get attacked, she tanks the hits. Whenever I click on a foe, she runs right in front of their faces. In short, she’s a berserker. So I gave her the second best equipments I get. Throughout the game I had tried to get her to like Draiko but unfortunately, I was only able to earn a Warm status, despite her Like Points higher than Morrigan’s.

Leliana is singing something.

Leliana is singing something.


The introduction of Oghren on the Deep Roads.
He said he’s looking for his Paragon.

This is Oghren btw, and behind him is Wynne – which I originally killed while using my Dalish Elf Mage named “Oeuvre” during the “Broken Circle” Quest. Oghren didn’t appear until much later during the “Anvil of the Void” Quest. Well, it depends on how you played the game. When I used Draiko, I stopped somewhere at the beginning and created a new character, which was Oeuvre, and using the latter I reached Orzammar first to convince the Dwarves to side with me and fight the Blight. Which was an UTTER FAILURE.

I did not stand a chance on Deep Roads, and my only healer was Morrigan, who was meant to be an offense Magi. I was using Leliana and Alistair as my tanks, since Mages has little to no constitution.

So when I changed back to using Draiko, I left Orzammar alone and finished the Dalish Elves and Circle of Magi as well as the Arl of Eamon Quests first. Leaving the Deep Roads for last. It was a very good choice.

As mentioned, I killed Wynne (Magi) while using Oeuvre but I won her over (due to my sister’s suggestion – she finished that particular quest way before I did) when I used Draiko. She proved to be a very competent support/healer through the rest of the game.


Gift-giving barrage for more likes.

Unfortunately, while I managed to get Sven on my Oeuvre character, I forgot to take him to my Draiko‘s party. My other party member Zevran, is not worth a space in my blog so nevermind hahaha.

Some of the other mistakes I did during battles would be trying to kill Flemeth, Morrigan’s mother. I personally think she’s stronger than the actual Archdemon. No, seriously.


When I enraged Flemeth.

Playing the “Paragon of Her Kind” Quest before dinner and accidentally bumping into the Broodmother, possibly the most disgusting Boss in this game. The “Anvil of the Void” and “Paragon of Her Kind” have the creepiest stories. Especially when Hespith was doing all those chantings. *brrrr*


I forgot her real name… It starts with an “L”. But here, meet the “Broodmother”.

The “Paragon of Her Kind” is a very long Quest. Tbh. I was exhausted.


I love this screenshot as well.

Ending. Well, I love Queen Anora even though she had been a bitch and I had to do a side quest because of her, but I think she’s more worthy to receive the position of the next ruler more than Alistair will ever be. At this point of the game, I wasn’t able to convince them to marry each other because Alistair and I have a bad relationship (I told you, he’s moody)! But in the end, I chose Alistair as the throne successor.


Ahhh… that Acidic Coating on my Dagger.

By the way, I did not intend to have a love interest in this game. But Draiko ended up having one. And Morrigan! I know they have some chemistry and all, but I wanted Leliana for Draiko! So I was a bit disappointed. But I guess with Morrigan, the Final Ritual was made and hence the happy end. Leliana was hard to talk to so I couldn’t find any opening. Seriously.


Ending. I had several screenshots of Draiko defeating the Archdemon but I’m tired so I only picked one. I love the slowmo parts the most.


011Well that’s that. It felt a bit anticlimactic because I fought with the Archdemon one Tuesday afternoon, before I go to sleep (since I have night shift). I wasn’t expecting I’d win in one try. But I guess I have to thank Orzammar equipments for it.


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