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So I started watching Infinite Stratos 2 yesterday and finished it just now. Before my laptop broke about a year ago, I was originally planning on following the second season but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. So late as I may be, here’s what I thought about the show.

Orimura IchikaLike what I said on my Madoka review, this isn’t really a review, it’s a blabber, a jumbled comment that wouldn’t say anything about the aesthetics of its animation and whatnot. I’ll just talk about the scenes that left an impact. And you should know that I also define ‘impact’ a bit differently.

First of, Orimura Ichika, the only male student in the IS Academy, is still as dense as ever. Ah. I’ve gotten over my irritation towards him. So now I’m just a biiiiiit exasperated with his helplessness. Anyway, I’ve seen the worst hero (in my book) just recently so every one else seems to have been colored in a different light.

In the first place, I’ve always liked the fact that Ichika isn’t a perverted shounen. But anyway, I’m not going to talk about Ichika.

From here on, spoiler alert to those who haven’t seen it yet.


I was taking a few screenshots while watching IS2 mainly because I plan to use them in GIF-ing some scenes, but I felt like writing a post for this anime because of what Cecilia Alcott did in this season.

Errr. Nandemo nai wa…


But before that, I guess I’ll talk about some minor (or major for some) details.

Some new characters…

  • Sarashiki Tatenashi

I wondered where she was during the first season since she’s supposedly a very popular and conspicuous person in the IS Academy, being the Student Council President and all that, and strongest in the Academy. But I’m not the type of person that stress too much on such details. Anyway, besides that bit of wonder, and amazement, I have no particular comment about this character. I’ve always loved White-haired characters with red eyes. But Laura Bodewig already got me. ;D



Since she always appeared with that fan, I’m reminded of something – or maybe you can say I was inspired. I suddenly wanted to post something about anime fetishes. Or something.

  • Sarashiki Kanzashi
Don't go Arita Haruyuki on me!!

Don’t go Arita Haruyuki on me!

As you might have surmised with name and face, she’s the imouto of the seito kaichou. The underrated sibling that has her onee-chan as akogare. I would’ve loved for her to maintain her indifference towards Ichika but she fell for him too. Haha! At one point in the series, when Tatenashi and Ichika were defeated by the unmanned drones, I blurted out, “Oh. She entered Zero Fill.

That’s in reference to Accel World. A state where in you cannot fight anymore because you don’t have enough will to do so, then you enter this pitch black scene where your voice echoes and you can hear/see that people you love or somethin’. lol



Infinite Stratos Girls

I think Infinite Stratos 2 is more laid-back than the first season, though I’m not sure if it’s good or not. I just felt like there were too much fillers and too little action scenes – which is TOTALLY fine with me, but I just wanted to mention it.

So kawaaaaaiiiii!!!

So kawaaaaaiiiii!!!

I'm still uncertain whether I like the eye-patch or not.

I’m still uncertain if I like the eye-patch.

I get to see a lot of kawaii Laura scenes. I knew, when I first saw her on IS1, that she will be the cutest. Well, I have a different definition of cuteness as well. She’s not my most – but she’s one of my favorite characters in the series. Especially since her eyes reminds me so much of Date A Live‘s Kurumi – who is one of my all-time biases as well.

I think she’s the most changed out of all the characters in the series. I had thought she make a formidable foe. Such a transformation.

Anyway, I didn’t take a screenshot, but one of the other things that made impact would probably be hers and Dunois’ animal pajamas. It’s not something unusual in itself, but Laura has turned into such a doll-like character, a total opposite of her Yandere old self.

By the way, I think I drifted off topic waaaaaaay too much that I had to change the title of this post.

I think I’ll have to make a separate post about Cecilia’s blunder. It just won’t fit in this random post. Besides, it deserves a solo post.


Some more things I remember would probably be Charlotte Dunois being such a good ice breaker. She has a lot of ways to get close to Ichika without being so obvious, doesn’t she? She always strike up conversations and suggest things so casually. She’s my favorite although I tend to spazz more about Laura. Her VA is one of my favorites as well.

And I also think that this screenshot is awesome. (: Yihaaa…

Charlotte Dunois

I think I’ll stop with Char. I remembered Cecilia and the her awesomeness so I’m itching to start another post. It’s kinda lonely without Houki and Rin in this post but most of my screenshots for them are related to the Cecilia post, so it can’t be helped lol.

Told you `tis not a review.


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