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EXCELLENTSo I watched “No Game, No Life” because one of my previous officemates recommended it. I waited until the series was completed before I started.

Nowadays, this genre seems to be booming, isn’t it? The concept where the characters are getting sucked into a game of some sort – well, I’m pretty sure some Animes had done it before the sensation that was Sword Art Online. But the latter is the very first show I’ve watched with the concept so I have nothing else to compare it to. The other series I’ve watched with the similar concept would probably be Mondaiji, and according to my friend – there’s another anime called Log Horizon in the same tier (I haven’t seen it yet though but the two seasons are sitting in my HDD, ready anytime).

But anyway, I think NGNL was pretty nice, especially because it’s not the typical one-man protagonist against the whole game world thing. It’s about siblings, both introvert and NEETs, but has godly gaming skills.

To be honest, the whole time I was watching it, I felt there was too much magenta. I’m not really a fan, but squinting my eyes did the trick and I managed to finish it without hitch. Plus the appearance of Jibril helped. Overpowered characters are always welcome.

Any further will be spoilers.


Sora to Shiro

Well, I just said that overpowered people are always welcome. And here they are. In my every post, it’s always obvious that I love undefeated characters. I’m not saying that they should be ‘perfect’ in all aspects, in fact, I want them to be a bit more villainous if possible. I can’t say I’m tired of the usual kind and righteous heroes, I never liked them in the first place lol.

But anyway, Sora and Shiro, the siblings that got sucked into this fastasy world, are both so OP and intelligent. They call themselves, “The Blank”, and their catchphrase is that they don’t lose.

Anyway, I’m not about to nitpick on the plot of the series – so let’s just talk about the characters.


  • Clammy Zell
All those violets and magentas...

All those violets and magentas…

Clammy Zell being a tsundere, I guess?

Clammy Zell being a tsundere, I guess?

Well, she’s not really a main-main character, but I thought that starting with Stephanie would be boring, so yeah. When I first saw this character, I thought she’ll be my favorite, but she did not appear as much as I wanted her to.


This is Clammy, you can say she’s the very first hurdle, she was introduced as an antagonist but later became a nakama when she lost a game against Sora. Although that was on the later part of the series, on the mini-arc where they had to fight with the Eastern Confederation.

Since I ironically love the dere archetypes, I had thought about which category Clammy would be under, and ultimately decided that she’s a tsundere although she appeared to be a kuudere at first. I don’t really ‘consciously’ like tsunderes, I think they’re difficult and childish characters – but for some reasons, I always end up having tsuns for biases. But let’s table that topic for now.

  • Stephanie Dola
Dora-chan in rag clothes.

Dora-chan in rag clothes.

Yes. If you continued to be its ruler.

Yes. If you continued to be its ruler.

If I think about it, she may be the main female character in this anime, excluding Shiro, of course. She’s the first person that approached the siblings, and she’s also the Princess of Elkia (the land of Imanities – or humans).

After posting these screenshots on the right, I face-palmed as I realize that I didn’t have a single picture that would show Steph’s grandiose moments. I want to cry for her. But anyway, if you love idiotic characters, you’ll probably be amused with her. She’s like a shoujo manga heroine. Kind, clumsy, and useful in at least one way. Well at one scene in the anime, they showed that she is actually an intelligent oujo-sama, but that brain gets misplaced all the time for some reasons.

Steph is practically the only ‘normal’ person in the series (normal, skills wise that is) – but I don’t know whose idea it is to make her the series mascot or clown. She’s practically just there for fanservice. Not like I hate her or anything, but if you’re going to use a character for fanservice, they should have more things to boast about besides face and kindness. Otherwise, she’ll look funny, but pitiful.

Do it the Jibril way, I’d say!

  • Jibril
It piques her curiosity!

It piques her curiosity!

Since I love her, I dedicate a whole gallery for her! Ahhh…this reminds me of Leticia Draculair for some reasons. A seemingly random but high profile character.


You need to have the character flawless, intelligent and skilled with deadly super powers! Since she’s not human, it’s even more awesome because you can exaggerate all you want. Anyway, after I finished watching the series, I Google-d “Jibril” just to check if it’s a corruption from some mythological figure since the name is weird. It seems like it’s the Arabic form of angel Gabriel. And I thought, naruhodo. She has wings albeit not attached to her back but her waist, and a stylish halo. Do you see the difference with how I described her and Stephanie Dola?!

Aherm. Jibril here is a Flügel, it’s one of the races in the series. Actually, I might have to rewatch NGNL to understand the Exceed rankings. It’s explained that through numerous games, each races are ranked according to the number of wins or influence or something (this is why I said I wouldn’t nitpick on the plot). I didn’t give it much thought. I just know that there’s this ranking among the races – what confuses me is that the sixth ranked Flügel seems to be more elite (this is based on their contributions during the war) than the Elves, which is number one in the Exceed rankings.


So maybe it’s indeed just because the Elves won more than the Flügel – who seems to be more concerned about acquiring knowledge than winning games.

About the screenshots, I decided to retain some subtitles for the lulz.

Jibril, like Stephanie Dola, can be considered one of the sources of fanservice in this series yet she did not appear as pathetic as the other. She has her…mah…humiliating moments, I guess? But her redeeming quality is that she’s practically a weapon. She’s incredibly useful – information gathering, teleportation, strong firepower – she’s also funny. And now you realize that I made this post entirely because I want to spazz about Jibril. Well. You’re not wrong.


If I say that she and Stephanie Dola are both canines, then Jibril would be pedigree. Or something like that. I actually have more Jibril screenshots…but.

Well we have one more character.

  • Fiel Nirvalen

Those ears reminds you of Titania, don’t they?

Clammy over Elvengarde!

Clammy over Elvengarde!

She’s an elf and Clammy Zell’s best friend / master. Given the normal circumstance, or simply if Jibril did not exist, Fi-sama would probably be my favorite among the supporting characters in this show. Just because she’s an oujo-sama. But she’s too kind and soft-spoken to be my bias. Apparently, Fiel is one of the aristocrats in Elvengarde and Clammy Zell is one of their families’ slaves.

For some unknown reasons, she took a liking towards Clammy and spoils the latter too much. Which I think is kawaii in itself as well.


I don’t think I have much to say about the main characters though, except that again, they’re both super intelligent and OP. And I love that they’re the protagonists of this anime.

Well, Shiro here looks like the girl from Denpa Onna. I forgot her name – it’s in the tip of my tongue – but since I’m OC, I’ll Google…


Erio look-alike!

Erio look-alike!

Touwa Erio.

Shiro is awesome, I don’t even need to explain it. I don’t usually pay much attention to Loli characters except Leticia in loli-form but Shiro is tensai. And what, can you say that she’s more Dandere than Kuudere? I don’t know.

`kay, I’m done. There are more characters from the Eastern Confederation but…

I remember I have to post Cecilia Alcott‘s cooking skills.


4 responses to “More Problem Children (Gallery Ahead) ※ No Game, No Life

  1. I was not much of a fan of the series when it was airing. I honestly think it received too much love, and still does. With that said, it doesn’t mean I think NGNL is a bad series. In fact, I think it represents near the top of the class in its genre. (harem power fantasy) It also did not hurt that that the overall presentation looked especially bright and attractive. Good post.

    • Oh, thanks for the comment.
      Tbh, I had no idea it’s quite popular until you mentioned it. o.O It’s a bit regretful that it only has 12 episodes (though that’s a plus too, since it didn’t get boring). I’m not very positive that will get a second season soon, or if it will ever. Hopefully.

      • It was and still is popular enough to get a second season. I think it ended where it did due to a lack of source material. I wouldn’t count against the chances of a second season just yet.

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