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Don’t you just secretly hate love triangles? Well, maybe ‘hate’ was a bit strong but whatever. I usually watch Harem Animes so it’s not really that uncommon to see web-like love stories, albeit usually being told/portrayed in a funny manner. Among the Harem Animes I’ve seen, I seriously want to applaud when the Male or Female (if it’s Reverse Harem) protagonists get to really choose one partner. Or at least, whenever they display favoritism towards one particular person among their choices.

Because that helps me decide which pairing I can ship. Nah, I wouldn’t ship the “favorite pair”, it would be otherwise. For some reasons, I often yet coincidentally like the “second choice” more than the “favorite”, which is why my favorite ships always end up in disaster.

Ao Haru Ride.

I don’t even want to explain it, but if you’ve read or watched it, then you probably get my drift.

I don't know

I don’t know

Well anyway, I’m not about to discuss that series. I recently watched Amagi Brilliant Park, which I didn’t even know was created by KyoAni. I had an internal argument whether I’ll watch it or Log Horizon first and since I love non-stressful Animes, I ultimately decided to try the former (because its name sounded sparkly). I thought it will be about fuwa-fuwa girls doing anything and everything under the sun, in a park. You know, like Minami-Ke or GJ-Bu. But I was pleasantly surprised.

Kanie-kunI personally think that Kanie looked handsome. The fact that he was obviously tall is a plus as well. I don’t know but I’m so used to seeing Oreki-type of males from KyoAni (I was talking about the height), so I was happy that this time the character looked more mature – don’t even remind me of Free, I know the guys there are quite tall and lean as well but I haven’t really finished that Anime yet.

So anyway, I wouldn’t say that Amagi Brilliant Park has a profound plot or episodes like Hyoukait’s only about one thing: salvaging a rundown park. While the episodes never deviated from that one theme, the series itself comprised of random character’s stories each episode, so I categorized it as one of those non-stressful Animes I’ve mentioned before. Even though it has a plot.

** I think anything with a definite plot is stressful. Regardless whether I liked it or not.


I totally drifted off topic again.

I was going to discuss about love triangles but I started mumbling about plots and whatnots.

This early, you should know that I have loved Sento the very first time I saw her.


“I couldn’t care less.”


  1. She’s poker-face.
  2. She’s monotone.
  3. She was drawn beautifully.
  4. She’s weird.
  5. She’s not human.

Well, the fifth one, I didn’t find out until later but who cares.

The reason why I’m telling you this is for you to know that she is the epitome of my ‘by default’ favorite characters. As long as they possess those traits above, I would love them unconditionally. So when faced against a damsel-in-distress loli oujo-sama, of course I would pick Sento! Of course… of cour…se.

I should’ve.

Kanie and Latifa 01 Kanie and Latifa 02This is the only stressful thing about ABP. When the circumstances between Kanie and Latifa (the loli oujo-sama) came into light, I was hugely conflicted because I thought that Sento and Kanie were the canon pair in this series. When Latifa was introduced, it didn’t really feel like Sento liked Kanie romantically. And so when I started smiling towards the Kanie-Latifa pairing, Sento was revealed to have that kind of interest towards Kanie as well.

So I tried to find faults in Sento who became a tsundere because of that “wear your heart on your sleeve” spell casted on her, because I happen to really love Kanie and Latifa together. But then I felt bad.

This never really happened when I watched Harem animes before. It’s either I only like one person for the main character and like the other choices individually – or not have a favorite at all.

That sickly look.

That sickly look.

And the thing about Latifa-sama, her characteristics are not really similar to my other loli favorites.

She’s too kind, almost annoying – but she’s not. A damsel-in-distress. A weak character if you must. But for some reasons, because of hers and Kanie’s past, I wished they would end up together (I think they look really good together), even though I think Sento still has the upper hand.

I’m not even sure if I’m making any sense here. I’m just confused.

This Anime will most likely never get a 2nd season, but if it ever will, then I wish to know who Kanie will like. I think it will be Sento. Hear my broken heart.

This development.

This development.

My reaction.

My reaction.


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