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Brave Frontier 2015 Intro Page

Brave Frontier 2015 Intro Page

Well, before I forget what my topic will be, I’d say the “Impossible Dream” I’m talking about is my wish for the Android game Brave Frontier to have an actual anime. I didn’t really have too much reasons why I wish for it, I simply love the drawings and would love to see the ‘un-chibi’ versions of the Summons.

For the people who doesn’t know what Brave Frontier is, it’s a smartphone game defined as a classic RPG. It was originally a Japanese game. Currently, I am playing the International Version.

The player, meaning you, or I – is a Summoner whose mission is to defeat the “Four Fallen Gods” that plans to spread evil in the Grand Gaia.

At first, you’re a pathetic summoner who can only summon the squishy ‘monsters’ that look like Ragnarok’s Porings… But later on, you’ll be able to keep some high-leveled creatures, kudos to you if you wouldn’t need to buy gems in order to summon awesomeness.

To be honest, at another person’s point-of-view, it can be a boring game since they don’t really “move”. Well they move but you get the drift. It’s not like Final Fantasy or anything. It’s more like a visual novel type of game. I’m bad at describing so just see it for yourself. So as mentioned, it can look real boring. But for some reasons, even though I prefer games with fluid movements like “Shadow Fight 2”, I found Brave Frontier real addicting!

Like other games, Brave Frontier gives you some free gems when you start the game. It’s a token for you to try the “Summons Gate”, the place where you can get Rare creatures. If you know Pokemon or Yugi-Oh!, those have quite a similar concept.


Rare, Super Rare, Mega Rare!

During my first try at Summoning, I thought I was going to get some crappy character the befits a newbie but surprisingly, I was real astounded at my first summon.

Excuse my “simple-mindedness” but I wasn’t amazed because of the Summon’s skills or anything noble like that (in my defense, I was a newbie and didn’t know much about those things anyways). Instead, it was the drawing that captured me. I found Elza really pretty! And I wished there was someone who made an un-chibi form of this Summon.

I later found out that she’s not even the most beautiful Summon out there. So I became quite enamored collecting beautiful pictures of the Summons. The Elza that I captured was a four-star version of the girl. There’s also a five and six-star version, which means I have a beautiful but still a crappy summon. So as you surmised, you can level up each summon by Fusing other monsters to your favored Summon. It’s the only way to level them up, and eventually Evolve them into a higher tier.

The higher the level or stars, the more complex the character designs are.

These are the five and six-stars versions of Elza that I acquired later on.

There are always additional details on the design whenever you evolve a Summon.

There are always additional details on the design whenever you evolve a Summon.

So anyway, like my previous Blabbers, this is not meant to be a ‘review’ for the game so I wouldn’t go in-depth. I just want to spazz about the illustrations. It makes me feel like buying posters of the Summons if they’re ever available in Anime conventions (even though this isn’t an anime).

Continuing, each Summons also have their own stories in a separate tab inside the game. Take Elza for example, it’s said that she’s an imperial princess from some empire who was imprisoned due to some circumstances. Apparently, as I play the game and evolve her to know more of her story, Elza turned out to be quite a siscon.

Another thing, I have summoned more than six Elza since I started playing. A feat (for me). I don’t dislike summoning Elzas but I hate fusing them with other Elzas because it seems a total waste for me.

Well, enough of my first Summon.

I got addicted collecting these stunning characters, most especially Summons from the Dark Type.

There are six types: Fire, Water, Earth, Thunder, Dark and Light


Favorite Units:

If we’re going to base it on pure character design without regards to each Summon’s skills. Then the following units would be my favorite!

Lunaris in her 6✮ form

Lunaris in her 6✮ form

Most of my favorites came from the Dark class, not just because their skills are badass, but I think their antagonistic looking designs are incredible. Fire types are my second favorite, I think they’re real tough!

When I was just starting, I saw some players owned (1) Black Lotus Lunaris – a Dark Summon, and spent months playing just to capture one. I even spent money on gems just to get her – but the irony was I never did. When I finally gave up and instead wished to get a Zelnite (Earth), I got Lunaris. It was quite anticlimactic.

But she turned out to be quite the bishoujo as well. With a tragic love story to boot. Lol. Maybe it’s just me, but hers and Sodis’ back story left me dissatisfied. I’m not sure if Lunaris seriously resented him for betraying the Gods. And according to the stories, even though she doesn’t look like it, she’s a mother-figure. I can’t imagine!


I am uncertain what kind of animal that is.

(2) Cataclysm Empress Feeva

I personally do not own one, but one of my game friends use her as their Lead Summon so I’m also able to use her when I go on Quests. There are only a few Summons that has another monster/familiar with them, and most of their ‘pets’ are quite kawaii. But Feeva’s is so coooooool! She’s one of the newer Rare Summons in the international Brave Frontier version though I’m not sure how long she’s been present in the Japanese version of the game.

I want to acquire one but I couldn’t Summon as much as before.

As you can see, Feeva is also a Dark type. I’m not sure if the moderators/creators are biased towards the Dark summons, but seriously, that class contains the most fab designs.

(3) Ember Charm Fiora

Unit_ills_full_10545Here’s a different one. When I first saw Fiora (4✮), she was wearing her hood. Her back was also in a hunch and her hair is white. So back then, I thought she’s based on the witch on Snow White, the fairy tale. Her character design is not as flashy as my other favorites but she’s in this list because she surprised me. Her 6✮ form is totally different!

Talk about puberty?!

Obvious from her name font color, Fiora hailed from the Fire type. I also do not own this unit.

(4) Brimstone Emperor Alpha

I do not have any words for this badass-looking character. His Ultimate Brave Burst and Leader Skill are also fantastic. To be honest, I can just use him as my squad’s leader forever.


A 7✮ unit. Truly an “Alpha”!

Alpha is also a Fire-type unit and one of the first to be evolved into a 7✮ Summon in the international Brave Frontier. Whenever I look at his profile page, he always seems to be in zoom mode. His design was completely taking over the whole page. It looks marvelous!

He reminded me of Creator Maxwell a bit, for some reasons.

Currently, I keep on getting the other units from Alpha’s batch but never him. I guess I’ll just settle for my friend’s Alpha for now. Sigh.

(5) Colossal Tridon

Probably one of the most awesome units out there.

The first unit I summoned from the Athensphere batch!

The first unit I summoned from the Athensphere batch!

Ahhh! This beautiful Tridon!

The moment I summoned his Mega Rare 5✮ form, I was stunned. It was the week when his Summon Rates were up but I was incredibly surprised that in my supposed five attempts, the first I got was him. Although I got his Guardian version.

Besides the Elements, there are five types of units by the way: Anima (High HP), Lord (Equal), Breaker (High ATK), Guardian (High DEF), and Oracle (High REC). If the unit is not a healer, then being a Guardian or Oracle will prove to be quite useless.

I was a biiiiit disappointed when I evolved Tridon to his 6✮ form and the ATK wouldn’t increase any further. But thanks to some luck, , I later acquired a Breaker.


I actually have more favorite Summons like Death God Shida, Shadow Ronin Mifune, Magnum Opus Rigness, Shera, the other Athensphere Gods and many others. But I figured I’d like to dedicate another post for them. Magress can’t fit in here. lol


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