You, who have clicked the link to this page, hello! My ability in introductions is pretty decent, except when it’s about myself, which is ironic since I often think I’m quite narcissistic, or maybe that’s the problem. So I will not blame you if you close the window and pretend you never saw this page.

The blog (Yui) is forcing you (Azusa) to read the contents (eat the cake). And that's me (Mugi) right there, happily watching the scene unfold.

The blog (Yui) is forcing you (Azusa) to read the contents (eat the cake). And that’s me (Mugi) right there, happily watching the scene unfold.


My internet nickname is “Miles”, some people in real life call me that too, but it’s often “Mai” or “My”. My real name is shorter than my internet nickname, with only four letters. And, including my surname and middle name, consists of only fifteen (15) letters. From High School up to College, I have never met anyone who had a shorter full name. It helped me a lot during national achievement tests and such, where you had to blacken circles for choices. I mean, with such a short name it was easier, it helps me begin the test faster.


For a long time, a few people in Tumblr actually believed I was 9 years old. But according to some subtle hints above, I wonder how old I am now?


If I am not fawning over my collections, I enjoy taking pictures. In contrast to that, I absolutely hate going out or going on trips. When one loves Photography, isn’t it better if he or she travels a lot? But I don’t. Which makes my camera feel lonely, I think. The pictures I took that are posted in “Rhapsody in Blue” are either taken in our garden, or during the time when I got dragged in malls. I’d like to do something about my laziness.

Another thing I enjoy is watching movies. I said I hate going out right? But if it’s for movie theaters, I don’t mind. Theaters are cold, and comfortable. It’s like being inside your room with a huge television. I most especially like movies with a lot of actions/mechanical stuffs like MARVEL movies, Transformers, G.I. Joe and others in the same genre. I also enjoy 3D animations.

I collect all of Girls’ Generation’s albums. And posters. And photocards.


It is weird, but I’m really drawn to people who maintain the cleanliness of their cars, exterior and interior. It’s not “attraction” or anything in the romantic aspect. Maybe “awe” or “admiration” are better terms…though I’m unsure if those three even differs in meaning.

Still in the same issue, I like people with great taste in cars. One of my old hobbies was identifying a passing car’s brand through its logo. Yeah, I used to recognize every car logos. That was back in 2009 or 2010, I think.

Another one I just realized recently is that I like (again, not in the romantic way) guys who look beautiful. Beautiful, not handsome. The kind of face you’ll think should’ve been a girl’s. Delicate features if you must  say.

Is that weird?

Is this your answer to me?

Is this your answer to me?


I figured I’ll dedicate a separate page for this area, because I tend to write too much when it’s about my favorites, but as an excerpt…

Most of my biases are girls, specifically under the Kuudere and Dandere archetype. Stoic people, usually quiet people. They give off the cool aura and I really like oujo-sama characters as well.

It will also help if you know Kashiwazaki Sena of “Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai” and Kousaka Kirino of “Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai”, who both prefer playing galge more than the usual otome games.

That’s the end of my “About Me”.

Here’s a written “round-of-applause” for reaching the last line of this post.


13 responses to “About

  1. It’s okay to be a narcissist. Because we’re all narcissists in this world. Together and forever! Yay! *Sings
    Sorry, I’m rather hyperactive on the internet. Also, I’m quite tired, so this comment’s bound to make no sense whatsoever.
    Hi! I’m Avery. I have a writing blog. If I could draw it would be a webcomic blog, because I’ve always wanted to sketch my characters out. I too enjoy anime and manga, though I’ve no doubt your knowledge of it FAR surpasses my own.
    Don’t feel so good about yourself. Just because I’m timid doesn’t mean you can bully me!
    Maybe it does…
    Uh, anyways. Your blog’s amazing and quirky and shit and I love it. Oh! Oh! Can I guess your age?
    Uhhhh 19! I’m probably off by years. *Sobs

    • Hello! I didn’t think there actually will be someone who’ll read this page, so thanks and nice to meet you, Avery. Narcissism rules. o/ not to the point one gets insanely in love with his/herself though haha.

      I checked out your blog, it looks awesome. I have short-attention-span tendencies so even if I did try writing /stories/ or novels or fanfics before, I never finished anything. Well, I finished, in my mind. It will be really awesome if you can find someone who will draw your characters for you then. My major has everything to do with drawing but I don’t do it often, but yay! We both like mangas and animes.

      Do not fret, I will not bully — wait you just gave me an idea. lol

      I’m uncertain how my blog is amazing but thanks for the compliment, I just made this last week because the contents will be clatters in my other blog (which is just full of pictures). Thank you too for following.

      About the age, you are almost correct. ヽ(´ー`)

      When you are not tired, let’s share titles of the animes we’ve seen.

      • I’ve got a terribly short attention span myself. Basically, I write a whole bunch every once in a while, while I’m inspired, than slack off and do nothing but edit for days. Then at the last moment I do a whole bunch again! Apparently this is the same sort of way Hitler worked. Lovely. -_-

        I wish oh I wish I could find an illustrator. It’s like, my quest. I want to see my characters so badly. I can’t envision people in my mind and whenever I see these cool badass drawings or animes I’m just like ‘damnit; why can’t that be my person?’

        I gave you the idea to bully? *Whimpers. Plus your an anime fan. You have a repetoir (did I spell that right?) of evil tactics to use on me.

        Your blog is amazing because of all its wit and quirkiness. Anything quirky is amazing to me. I don’t know anybody at school like this so I cling to the eccentricity I find. And you’re welcome! You deserve a follow or two.

        Drat, so close about the age. Uhhh, 20? Or 18? I assume the ‘almost’ correct means around a year off.

        I’m not tired right now. Let’s see here… I’ve seen… Death Note, Full Metal Alchemist, a bit of Fairy Tale, Hellsing (the OVA’s), Deadman Wonderland (currently watching), Black Lagoon, a bit of Elfen Lied, Code Geass, some Bleach, some of the Avatar stuff, Blood-C, Black Butler…

        A few others, which I can’t remember at the moment. Plus a bunch of the Pokemon and Yugioh and related stuff when I was younger.

        I assume you’ve watched much more. 😉

    • Haha! It’s just regretful when you get a very nice idea but then you get distracted the next second, making you forget everything about it.

      I understand the sentiment…a lot of character designs of select animes are really well done. I tried creating one for myself (spur-of-the-moment because I was bored) before but it looked pretty overkill, not really in the good side.

      Really?!! We’re the opposite in that everyone I know is loud and quirky. On the contrary, there’s me who is like this. Except I have longer hair and I don’t wear fake wings.

      In terms of quantity, I may have win, but of course not everything I’ve seen can qualify as animes I like. On the contrary, you did watch quality stuffs right there. It seems you’ve seen the popular stuffs — which I haven’t, because they are usually so long — if anything, I have seen a few episodes of Full Metal Alchemist, Bleach, and Avatar way back in High School. And waaa that Yugi-Oh! and Pokemon, back in elementary.

      The other titles you mentioned, I saw a lot in the WEB too, but haven’t gotten around to watch them, like Code Geass and Death Note…but you can say I’m a baby anime fan, since I belong to another fandom. While I’ve seen more than a hundred animes (according to my list — I was also flabbergasted), my friends though, have seen easily thrice as much (or maybe more).

      Now I forgot what else I was going to say for closure of this reply. The chocolate chip cookies distracted me.

      • Everyone I know is LOUD. Not quirky though. Just loud and silly and immature. But they don’t know anime and stuff, which is the problem. And I should hope you don’t wear fake wings. You wouldn’t be able to walk through doorways without bouncing off.

        But the girl’s face! Oh my god, she looks like she wants to smack the person she’s talking to. No smacking me. 😉

        What kinds of anime do you like to watch? By ‘baby’ anime do you mean the stuff with the little 12 year old kids and stuff. Have you seen Hetalia?

        Oh man your friends are REALLY into anime. What are some of your favourite animes? Out of that hundred. I probably haven’t seen them; I’ve not seen many animes of your genre. 😦

        You’re having chocolate chip cookies? Awesome! I envy you right now. *Begs for a cookie.

      • Don’t worry, I don’t smack people, too lazy to do so. haha.

        By ‘baby anime fan’ I meant I just started paying attention to animes recently. To be exact in late 2012, around October (and I graduated already then). I’m from a totally different fandom so while I knew of animes way before, I never really paid attention to it. My college classmates have been anime fans since their high school days I think. So during our major classes before, I cannot relate to what they were talking about, but they are not so insensitive as to not fill me in with information as the conversations go on (they wished to convert me).

        My friends irl are all girls so initially, I only watched stuffs under the “shoujo” genre and reverse harem. But now I enjoy shounen and fantasy stuffs too…and a lot of slice-of-life animes.

        A few of my favorite series are: “K-On!”, “Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo”, “Hyouka”, “Persona 4”, “Inu x Boku SS”, and “Oreimo”

        There are a lot I want to mention but… you can check this link out. I already arranged it according to scores so yeah. It shows all the stuffs I’ve seen.

        I’ll give you one mini cookie for $50. (:

  2. I’ve watched anime on and off for years. I’ve never really been a FAN fan, like you. I just look at stuff that catches my interest, while you’ve seen sooooo many animes in such a short time. They look quite interesting, for the most part. I’ve heard of K-On! before, but none of the others. Have you seen Hetalia? You might like that.

    It’s good to have friends who fill you in on animes. Frankly I’d be so confused if I knew people who never explained to me what exactly they were talking about. Also, what IS a ‘harem’ anime? To me, the word ‘harem’ reminds me of those Arabian courts with all the eunuchs. I assume it’s a romance anime with a whole bunch of girls going after one guy, but I’m really not sure. Is reverse harem a whole bunch of guys and one girl?

    There are SO many animes in that link. *Cries. I wish I had friends like yours. My friends watched the ‘Breakfast Club’ with me the other night. *Shudders. It might have been good in the ’80’s but it isn’t good now.

    I suppose I’d watch all shoujo stuff too if I had a bunch of female friends who were interested in that. Probably wouldn’t like it very much. I’m not one for romance, and plus I’m a guy and all. I’d totally be completely embarrassed while they were all gasping at the latest plot tryst.

    Heh, ‘tryst’ instead of ‘twist’. I like that pun.

    And your cookies are a LITTLE expensive for my taste. I’d buy one of those royal tarts from Adventure Time for $50 though.

    • Me too for years, but when I became a shut-in I think I’ve become a fan as well, it was hard to find cure for boredom. Yes! I’ve heard about Hetalia (Axis Powers). It got me curious. Actually before, I planned to download it. But saw the number of episodes and hesitated.

      Harem is a type of anime that has a male protagonist with a lot of female partner prospects, you’re right about reverse harem, with one girl and a lot of guys. Actually those can get annoying if you’re rooting for someone to end up with the protagonist but they didn’t. But Harem has a lot of comedic moments, and I love comedy so yeah.

      I’m surprised you didn’t fall asleep watching it, I’ve never really “watch-watch” it, but I’ve seen and it looks boring. Though it might just be the pacing and style.

      I’m a girl but I don’t watch too much shoujo now too, they stress me somehow. Nowadays I may like stuffs like “Sword Art Online”, “Accel World”, “Persona 4”. Which are all animes related to some sort of gameplay concept.

      Nice to meet someone else who watches Adventure Time. haha.

      • I’ve seen most of the first couple seasons of Hetalia. There ARE a lot of episodes, but I watched one a day, at lunch. Good old high school, why you ever provided us with free Wi-Fi is beyond me. And I’ve seen some of the later stuff on and off, but not really. It always makes me laugh how insensitive the show is. Like, the Normandy invasion is a camping trip.

        I knew it! The harem genre sounds like the anime version of the Bachelor, but probably with more humour and enjoyability (I wouldn’t touch the Bachelor with a 50-foot long pole). What is your favourite harem anime, then? And are you one of those fans who gets deeply involved in the storyline? I have a friend who roots for characters and gets emotional when something bad happens to them.

        I don’t get why they give the goth girl a makeover in breakfast club. She looked better beforehand! I swear, after the makeover she comes out wearing a dress that may have been fashioned out of a pillowcase.

        Adventure Time is the best. The first season was hit and miss, but they’ve gotten better since then.

      • I’m always problematic whenever I get curious with a title, checks it on Wiki, only to find that it has more than 60 or sometimes more than 100 episodes. I cannot even bring myself to watch one episode. I might like it and I’ll have to download the entire series. I don’t really mind downloading long stuffs but my HDDs are probably cursing me daily for putting too much files in them. Sigh, I got one just this mid-March from a friend and it’s already full.

        hahahaha!! I don’t watch Bachelor as well, but I used to see a lot of it in commercials on cable channels. Hmm. Harem, one thing that is typical about it (which I actually really dislike), is that the male protagonists are often clueless. Some are idiotic/clumsy type, and some are just incredibly unaware of the girls’ advances on them. Even if I’m not rooting for any girl (an example), I think that kind of ‘cluelessness’ is outrageous, if the girls are all practically throwing themselves to the guy. Oh well, that’s probably because the story cannot show bias towards only one girl so they made their protagonists like that…

        To answer your question, my current favorite harem is: “Toaru Majustu no Index” / “A Certain Magical Index”. While harem, it does not focus on the romance aspect but on the action, since it’s fantasy/sci-fi etc. The girls also just don’t appear from somewhere (like in most harem animes), but actually have their own arcs, so it’s quite nice.

        Adventure Time is one of the things that occupy a fair amount of space in my external hard drive…along with Phineas and Ferb.

  3. I tend to watch something halfway through and then grow bored and give up on it. I end up finishing 1/2 of the season and throwing my hands into the air and being like ‘done!’ Other ones I end up looking up on wikipedia and then not watching because I already know what’s going to happen next in the plot. Stupid wikipedia… I already know how Iron Man Three ends damnit… why did I even look that up?

    The whole ‘clueless male’ thing is kind of dumb. I mean, the only person I can think of who would realistically be completely clueless to five (or whatever number) beautiful girls trying desperately to go out with him is Sheldon Cooper. Or possiblyyyyyy Sherlock Holmes in ‘Sherlock’. And they’re both fictional characters!

    Actually Light Yagami (Death Note) would probably ignore them too, but he’d know what’s going on. And then Misa Amane would come and kill them all so it’d be a pretty dark harem, in all likelihood.

    Perhaps they should make a Harem where the guy actually realises what’s happening but every time he goes out on a date with the one girl the other ones try and sabotage her. So he’s constantly getting annoyed/upset with these people because they won’t leave him be.

    And that sounds like a smart idea. A harem where the girls are real characters with nice backstories and all. Makes you care about them. But then again, you’d also feel sad for the losers because you feel as though they’re real people with actual emotions and stuff, rather than stereotypical bubbly anime girls fighting over a cute guy.

    Phineas and Ferb… oh my god I love the stuff with Perry the Platypus. Hate the scenes with the little kids, but I love Perry. If they took that part of the story and turned it into its own show I would be happy for life.

    Also, sorry for the late response. 😛

    • Very sorry for the late reply as well, I’ve been away from WordPress.

      I easily get bored too but I may have more patience, especially with stuffs that are recommended to me (I feel bad when I don’t finish them). That’s it! Wikipedia, I swear the amount of willpower it takes for me not to look at spoilers while I’m watching something. To be precise, I avoid Google altogether since sometimes spoilers are already in the pages descriptions on search results.

      Incidentally, I watched Iron Man 3 yesterday. ((: Now why did you look that up…haha!

      The clueless male thing, I know right?! What with every girls blushing and all and he has no idea what’s going on. There might be a harem like what you said, which I haven’t seen yet. Since most of the male protagonists are goody two shoes characters, who doesn’t hurt girls and doesn’t get annoyed with girls. Plays the redeeming quality maybe.

      • It’s alright! I don’t care about time or anything like that. 😀

        I don’t think I get bored. More like I lose motivation to watch anything. I still love all the episodes and find them enjoyable – I just no longer have the willpower to get up and watch them in the first place. Wikipedia is SO addicting. I spend far too much time on there when I should be writing. Speaking of which, I haven’t written anything in a while… damn…

        How was Iron Man 3, by the way? Is it good? I liked 1 and 2 (sorta) and I’d like to hear what you thought of the new film. 😀

        Apparently the new Wolverine is in Japan, and he’s fighting ninjas and Yakuza assassins. Does this sound like a good idea to anyone? Ninjas? I mean, Marvel is FULL of characters and that’s the best they came up with. 😛

        Woah those guys are clueless alright. Maybe that’s why all the girls like them; they go for befuddled young men who have absolutely no idea what’s going on. It’s like being attracted to the ‘bad boy’, except completely the opposite.

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