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※ Grammar Nazi. You’ll faint here.

Saekano, for better or for worse, was a title that I didn’t even notice in my HDD.

Assuming that you haven’t read my previous posts, my officemate’s husband lend me his external hard disk drive (HDD) a month or two ago, and I copied a not-so-insignificant number of Animes. Being an aloof person in real life, I’m not the type that flaunts whatever it is I like (no matter the scale).


But I guess moths are attracted to flame indeed. My officemate eventually found out that I, in some degrees, like watching Animes. She readily revealed that her boyfriend (they haven’t married yet then) is a huge fan of Animes and that it’s not an exaggeration to say that he downloads them 24/7. Cutting the story short, he readily lend me his external hard disk drive after my officemate gave him a list of the Animes that I want a copy of.

He prepared a folder for my requested Animes, but bless his soul, he also included a diverse collection of other series as well. I was surprised at how updated he is! I honestly thought that he’s going to say he can only give me overly popular and long Animes like Naruto or Bleach (btw, that’s not an insult towards the Animes mentioned lol).

One of the Animes in his HDD was “Saekano”.

In the middle of unknown (to me) Japanese Anime Titles, “Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata” is hardly outstanding. Except for the ‘Heroine’ word of course. But through random file-opening, with a dead-panned expression, I Google-d what the title means while opening Episode 00 (Prologue). I watched for five minutes or so, or at least until “the black-haired girl” finished acting out her scene.

Unfortunately, it did not fully get my attention and I finished two other animes, namely: “Servant x Service” (which I actually just continued after I stopped watching it 2 years ago when I broke my laptop) and “Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge”.

For some reasons, I picked up Saekano again and absent-mindedly finished the Prologue. Until finally, in the middle of Episode 01, I paid attention and found it interesting. I had known from that one line preview from Google that it is sort of harem. Based on how the Prologue went, I had assumed it would be like OreShura — a not-so-bad yet boring Anime (it took a few minutes before I managed to type ‘boring’ by the way). It was regretful, but the Anime just didn’t left an impact on me, despite the cute drawings; so I didn’t have high hopes about Saekano. Of course, my beliefs were unfounded and soon I was smiling along the raging sarcasm that is Kasumigaoka Utaha.


Aki Tomoya is an otaku whose goal is to create the ultimate Dating Sims galge, in other words. I had thought that the thing that brings them all together wouldn’t play much of a big role in the series it happens a lot in this type of Anime that it almost feels like the staff forgot what the Anime is about and the characters just end up playing in a beach or going to a hot springs.

I am so glad that even until the end, the theme “creating a dating sims” is there; albeit the increased number of fanservice here and there. It also maintained its comedic nature to some extent despite the supposed serious flashbacks sometimes. I hate stressful shows so comedy is hai hai!


(Hi10)_Saenai_Heroine_no_Sodatekata_-_03_(720p)_(FFF).mkv_snapshot_14.31_[2015.06.07_02.06.51] (Hi10)_Saenai_Heroine_no_Sodatekata_-_03_(720p)_(FFF).mkv_snapshot_14.41_[2015.06.07_02.07.03]Rather than saying that he is dense, Aki Tomoya is a league different than most of the protagonists in the same genre. Being an otaku, you can say that he is by nature, delusional (hahaha, I’m sorry otakus, I did not mean to offend). So I think describing him as clueless is not right.

I mean, he get the hints, but…? I don’t really know how to explain it. But all the same, while he’s quite better than the rest, Mr. Ethical is still an idiot. By the way, I never understood the significance of that nickname.

Also, Tomoya’s depressing bouts are also lighter than Sorata’s (from the Anime Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo”), and made it easier to marathon the Anime without cursing the protagonist’s dramatic monologues. And oh, I insulted Sorata but I super love that Anime.

A side note… Kirito-kun. Why do I always hear your voice whenever it’s something related to a game?! Like seriously. I have no idea how many times I’ve heard the VA’s voice since Sword Art Online. And most of them are protagonists of an Anime where gaming is involved.

(Hi10)_Saenai_Heroine_no_Sodatekata_-_03_(720p)_(FFF).mkv_snapshot_20.10_[2015.06.07_02.14.03] (Hi10)_Saenai_Heroine_no_Sodatekata_-_10_(720p)_(FFF).mkv_snapshot_02.06_[2015.06.07_18.41.42]The second character, Sawamura Spencer Eriri is a half-Japanese, half-English student and an oujo-sama. Of course, sporting that blonde twin tails, Eriri is a tsundere and belongs to the osananajimi trope. The reason why she cannot be ignored is not because of the cliche archetypes she’s under, but because I found her talents amazing. They actually put some more substance into this character than just being your typical oujo-sama.

Eriri is also an otaku and a famous doujin creator, albeit a secret to everyone else except their club. Eriri mainly draw ecchi (R18+) doujins and asks her parents to sell them every time the Comiket is on-going. In some Animes, I can honestly say that tsunderes are tiring characters for me. Tiring to watch, that is. But she’s different because Eriri gave the impression of someone that is more of a background character than a person who has an edge in a harem competition.

She’s actually quite pitiful because as the story progresses (or not), more girls are added into the picture until her osananajimi role was no longer unique to her. She wasn’t as assertive as Utaha or the cousin and I think, ironically, despite being more exaggerated she also loses to Megumi.

Another thing, I love her name for some reasons. It’s weird.

(Hi10)_Saenai_Heroine_no_Sodatekata_-_10_(720p)_(FFF).mkv_snapshot_02.03_[2015.06.07_18.41.38](Hi10)_Saenai_Heroine_no_Sodatekata_-_09_(720p)_(FFF).mkv_snapshot_07.12_[2015.06.07_18.24.09]It’s a bit saddening that I have to introduce Kasumigaoka Utaha third but I’m following the introduction sequence of the Anime. And somehow, it is not surprising for me that I was able to write that name without rechecking. Eriri only calls Utaha by her full name so I memorized it in no time.

It can be said that it’s inevitable, but Utaha-senpai is one of my favorite girls in this series. No, I don’t actually ship Aki-Utaha, but as an individual, I think she’s awesome. Utaha is a third year high school in the series – a year older than Tomoya, Eriri and Megumi. She’s a lazy girl with black hair, and despite sleeping throughout her classes – the best student in their school; her other persona is a popular teen author who sold more than 500,000 copies of books despite being a newbie. It turns out, she’s also border Yandere.

Only in Animes can we find such a ridiculous combination of personality.

Another thing, out of all the flashbacks, I liked hers the most. When she was trying to give Aki Tomoya her draft. I don’t know why but I liked that scenario.

I don’t really have much to say about her, only when you see her dialogues would you find her character charisma, I guess. I also like her character design the most, it reminds me of a lot of my Kuudere biases.

(Hi10)_Saenai_Heroine_no_Sodatekata_-_11_(720p)_(FFF).mkv_snapshot_15.37_[2015.06.07_19.57.05] (Hi10)_Saenai_Heroine_no_Sodatekata_-_11_(720p)_(FFF).mkv_snapshot_18.46_[2015.06.07_20.01.45]The fourth character is Katou Megumi. She is my favorite in this series. Despite being plain, I found her character really great, I also think that she is the character that had the most development, albeit her lack of presence.

Her casual enjoyment towards games and Animes reminds me of myself from before (lol, it didn’t mean I’m the heroine type). That deadpanned face is another thing. I’m a big fan of expressionless anime girls so you can say that a big portion of why I love her is because I’m just that biased.

One of the scenes that really made me smile was when she went back from a family trip to “motivate” Aki Tomoya by pretending to be the heroine he had always dreamt of. I thought her acting was really awesome. Megumi doesn’t get flustered very much, and it could be argued that rather than being another love interest, she was the only one who treats Tomoya normally, like a friend.

Another thing (my “one more please” doesn’t end), the way she was always quietly doing things on her cellphone in the background is hilarious to me for some reasons.

As for the other two characters, the loli imouto whose name I forgot didn’t really stick that much so I don’t have much to say about her. Except, she’s also a good artist.

And for the last girl…

One picture only.

One picture only.

I was prepared to write a hate post two episodes before the end of Saekano solely for this girl. I have no intention of going back and opening a file to look for her name because I guess I deliberately made myself forget it. lol

You have no idea how much this character annoyed me, it was the same feeling I have towards Ouma Shuu (Guilty Crown). Like it’s been so long since I’ve seen red. It was good that she was introduced in the laaaaaaaatter part of the show, hence a conflict solved in a fast forwarded manner.

This girl is a selfish and loud girl. Not in any way the adorable type. I didn’t like how she’s a pool of fanservice as well. But I’ll stop here. A redeeming quality or life line appeared for her at the end of the show when the origin of her band was revealed so my irritation lessen by 50%. It actually saved her from a long post in which she was the main character.

So anyway, I love Saekano all in all. I wouldn’t give it a 10 but I really enjoyed the show. I was kind of looking forward to seeing how their game would sell but it wasn’t shown on the epilogue so an OVA would be nice…


해를 품은 달 ※ Haereul Poomeun Dal

Caution: For grammar nazis, don’t even bother reading this. Haha!

Of course, if you’re well versed with Korean Dramas, you’ve probably seen this (or at least heard of it). In English, more known as “The Moon that Embraces the Sun”, it can be argued as one of the most popular Dramas in 2012 and probably one of the most popular fictional periodic dramas of all times.

The Moon that Embraces the Sun

I’ve watched this back in 2012 too, albeit late (because I was following a completely different Korean Drama). But to be honest, I cannot remember how I stumbled upon the title, or why I downloaded it. As far as I know, it was neither recommended to me nor did I see it on YouTube by chance. I don’t believe it was ‘randomly downloaded’ though.

But anyway, just last month (May), while taking a break from watching Animes, I had opened my Korean Dramas folder and – after scanning “Dong Yi” – decided to re-watch this series.

Watching Korean Dramas is quite taxing. Each episodes are usually an hour-length. In a sense, it’s one of its pull as well – the fact that each episode doesn’t end in half-bake cliff hangers. Well anyway, I’m not about to talk about the whole industry, I’m not an expert.

The.Moon.That.Embraces.The.Sun.E05.mkv_snapshot_00.11.42_[2015.05.25_01.23.11] The.Moon.That.Embraces.The.Sun.E05.mkv_snapshot_00.11.45_[2015.05.25_01.23.18]I’ve re-watched the series countless times but still – embarrassingly and involuntarily – teardrops still fall whenever I see Episode 5. I’ve always wanted to commend the child actress and actor, they were way too great that the ‘past’ left more impact on me than the ‘present’ scenes (although I love those too).

The drama is kind of different than the usual ‘rags to riches’ adaptations of real life stories of historical figures – it’s wrong to compare it to those based in real life, but I figured I should mention anyhow. This is a fictional story during the Joseon Dynasty supposedly. And it’s about the love story of the Crowned Prince (Son of the King and Queen) and the intelligent daughter of one of the kingdom’s Ministers.

That kind of story telling is a bit bland – I suppose. So let me add, it’s about the tragic love story of the Crowned Prince (Seja Joha), Lee Hwon, and his Crowned Princess (Sejabin), Yeon Woo.

They didn’t have what you can call ‘dramatic first meeting’. Except for the “umbrella” part, it was more of battle of the brains type of first meeting more than chemistry. I am uncertain if I’m making any sense here. So you can say that their love story didn’t start with something cliche like falling for each other’s beauty.

The.Moon.That.Embraces.The.Sun.E05.mkv_snapshot_00.12.26_[2015.05.25_01.23.49] The.Moon.That.Embraces.The.Sun.E05.mkv_snapshot_00.12.42_[2015.05.25_01.24.05]In the story, it was an open secret that the Seja Joha is to marry a pre-determined Crowned Princess which most likely will come from the King’s maternal side of the family (the villains in the series). But meeting Yeon Woo motivated him to make a move, resulting into a fair Sejabin selection, to which all maidens around the same age as the Prince participated.

Of course, Yeon Woo won after the ‘question and answer’ portion (although I will not elaborate further) and was selected as Princess Successor, as in fiancee of the Seja Joha, not quite the Crowned Princess…yet.

Unfortunately, their marriage did not happen. In return, I got the most awesome parting scene I’ve ever watched in my life (narrowing it down to Korean Dramas only, of course). They acted out the scene so perfectly that until now I feel the need to sympathize with them whenever I watch Episode 5.

I just realized, right now I am not as proficient as I am when writing blabbers about Animes. I rarely ever comment on 3D characters shows so it’s a bit… but I can probably blame it also on the fact that my narration will never give justice to this particular episode. You just have to watch it to understand.

Going back, the Princess Successor who never became the official Sejabin died after she left the palace with an unknown illness. Thinking about it, one might be surprised at how ‘deep’ the feelings of the Seja Joha has for the Yeon Woo despite having met only recently. They didn’t even get to enjoy being engaged that much.

The.Moon.That.Embraces.The.Sun.E05.mkv_snapshot_00.33.26_[2015.05.25_01.26.57] The.Moon.That.Embraces.The.Sun.E05.mkv_snapshot_00.33.28_[2015.05.25_01.26.58]Aside from the puppet show, the pictures on the right was probably their only other couple moment after the selection.

This scene is marvelous as well anyway so I have no particular complaint about it. The beauty of this scene was amplified when I watched the ‘present’ time episodes, when the Seja Joha (who, at that time is already the King) gave another Haereul Poomeun Dal to Shaman Wol whom he fell in love with (I’m smiling as I write this).

Of course, even though I’ve already said too much above, I still refuse to spoil the whole content of the drama.

Fast forwarding to the ‘present’ timeline. The Seja Joha grew up as an intentionally sarcastic King – obviously still bitter about what happened eight years prior to his throne succession. He ended up marrying the pre-determined Sejabin, Bo Kyung – whom I think is the most pitiful character in this drama.


The complexity of her character is something that it lost upon me but if I were to assume, I guess she simply wanted attention, in its purest definition, that is. From her ambitious father, to the Crowned Prince who was her first love. Unfortunately, she was a mere tool in the plot, unable to gain the same amount of empathy as Prince Yang Myung had.

Remembering him, I questioned myself if it was okay to pity Bo Kyung more than the other Prince – who had an unrequited love for the late Princess Successor Yeon Woo; had once again fallen in love with the same Shaman Wol whom the King has his sights on; and ultimately… (well, let’s stop right there).

But he was way too ‘happy’ to be pitied. He’s more like a breath of fresh air or something similar.

The.Moon.That.Embraces.The.Sun.E11.mkv_snapshot_01.01.27_[2015.05.25_02.48.15] The.Moon.That.Embraces.The.Sun.E11.mkv_snapshot_01.01.32_[2015.05.25_02.48.20]Ah…this post is just how I think about Episode 5. Supposedly, but I ended up writing more than I should and then abruptly ending it like I always do.

I have a lot more things to write about but whether or not you’ve already watched the series, I still refuse to write detailed spoilers.

So I guess, if you haven’t watched it yet, just figure something out while looking at the pictures. Or just watch the series. While Periodic Dramas usually do not end the way I want them to, like how Jumong did not marry So Seo-no; or how Hwang Jin Yi abandoned her status to perform in the streets (albeit noble, it’s irritating) – “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” is different in that it ended up exactly as I wanted it to end.

The conclusion was so perfect that I felt uneasy. Hahaha! It’s like the director knows how it feels to be a periodic drama viewer and avoided drawing out an ever more annoying ending.

All in all, the drama is perfect ten. Even the old villains are perfect.


I say “lines I liked” but all of these only came from one scene:

  • “The more you try to protect them, the more they will get hurt. The more you try to obtain the things you want, the more you will lose. That is the fate, of the throne upon which you will sit in the future.” – Late King

Conversation between the Late King and the Seja Joha:

“If you must protect someone, do not let it be discovered. If you want to obtain something, abandon another. You must lose in order to gain, and you must abandon in order to obtain. That…is politics.”

“So…what is it that Your Majesty has obtained? What is it that you’ve gained and what is it that you’ve lost?”

(King’s thoughts) “I lost a faithful subject, but obtained his safety; I lost Yang Myung, but I protected you; I lost the Crown Princess, but I protected your sister, Min Hwa.”

^ I love this flashback so much.

Not A Triangle Fan ※ Amagi Brilliant Park

Don’t you just secretly hate love triangles? Well, maybe ‘hate’ was a bit strong but whatever. I usually watch Harem Animes so it’s not really that uncommon to see web-like love stories, albeit usually being told/portrayed in a funny manner. Among the Harem Animes I’ve seen, I seriously want to applaud when the Male or Female (if it’s Reverse Harem) protagonists get to really choose one partner. Or at least, whenever they display favoritism towards one particular person among their choices.

Because that helps me decide which pairing I can ship. Nah, I wouldn’t ship the “favorite pair”, it would be otherwise. For some reasons, I often yet coincidentally like the “second choice” more than the “favorite”, which is why my favorite ships always end up in disaster.

Ao Haru Ride.

I don’t even want to explain it, but if you’ve read or watched it, then you probably get my drift.

I don't know

I don’t know

Well anyway, I’m not about to discuss that series. I recently watched Amagi Brilliant Park, which I didn’t even know was created by KyoAni. I had an internal argument whether I’ll watch it or Log Horizon first and since I love non-stressful Animes, I ultimately decided to try the former (because its name sounded sparkly). I thought it will be about fuwa-fuwa girls doing anything and everything under the sun, in a park. You know, like Minami-Ke or GJ-Bu. But I was pleasantly surprised.

Kanie-kunI personally think that Kanie looked handsome. The fact that he was obviously tall is a plus as well. I don’t know but I’m so used to seeing Oreki-type of males from KyoAni (I was talking about the height), so I was happy that this time the character looked more mature – don’t even remind me of Free, I know the guys there are quite tall and lean as well but I haven’t really finished that Anime yet.

So anyway, I wouldn’t say that Amagi Brilliant Park has a profound plot or episodes like Hyoukait’s only about one thing: salvaging a rundown park. While the episodes never deviated from that one theme, the series itself comprised of random character’s stories each episode, so I categorized it as one of those non-stressful Animes I’ve mentioned before. Even though it has a plot.

** I think anything with a definite plot is stressful. Regardless whether I liked it or not.


I totally drifted off topic again.

I was going to discuss about love triangles but I started mumbling about plots and whatnots.

This early, you should know that I have loved Sento the very first time I saw her.


“I couldn’t care less.”


  1. She’s poker-face.
  2. She’s monotone.
  3. She was drawn beautifully.
  4. She’s weird.
  5. She’s not human.

Well, the fifth one, I didn’t find out until later but who cares.

The reason why I’m telling you this is for you to know that she is the epitome of my ‘by default’ favorite characters. As long as they possess those traits above, I would love them unconditionally. So when faced against a damsel-in-distress loli oujo-sama, of course I would pick Sento! Of course… of cour…se.

I should’ve.

Kanie and Latifa 01 Kanie and Latifa 02This is the only stressful thing about ABP. When the circumstances between Kanie and Latifa (the loli oujo-sama) came into light, I was hugely conflicted because I thought that Sento and Kanie were the canon pair in this series. When Latifa was introduced, it didn’t really feel like Sento liked Kanie romantically. And so when I started smiling towards the Kanie-Latifa pairing, Sento was revealed to have that kind of interest towards Kanie as well.

So I tried to find faults in Sento who became a tsundere because of that “wear your heart on your sleeve” spell casted on her, because I happen to really love Kanie and Latifa together. But then I felt bad.

This never really happened when I watched Harem animes before. It’s either I only like one person for the main character and like the other choices individually – or not have a favorite at all.

That sickly look.

That sickly look.

And the thing about Latifa-sama, her characteristics are not really similar to my other loli favorites.

She’s too kind, almost annoying – but she’s not. A damsel-in-distress. A weak character if you must. But for some reasons, because of hers and Kanie’s past, I wished they would end up together (I think they look really good together), even though I think Sento still has the upper hand.

I’m not even sure if I’m making any sense here. I’m just confused.

This Anime will most likely never get a 2nd season, but if it ever will, then I wish to know who Kanie will like. I think it will be Sento. Hear my broken heart.

This development.

This development.

My reaction.

My reaction.

Their Battle Cries

Summary of this post:

  • It’s about heroes from the Shounen genre.
  • While I tried to be objective, I’m still a narrow-minded person.
  • Author is disoriented at the end of the post.


First of all, it’s not like I watched a lot of shounen in the past that gives me the privilege to nitpick animes or mangas that fall under it. Because I dislike to use “I’m entitled to my own opinion” for something so petty (such as me nitpicking stuffs), let’s just say this has been bothering me for a while now and I just wanted to type it out.

Stuffs you need to know about me in connection to the post:

  • I like stuffs that are funny and relatable, so I prefer Comedy and Slice-of-Life.
  • I usually watch animes where the quantity of female characters are dominant (regardless of fanservice).
  • I enjoy actions that uses modern technology stuffs (Mecha, wasn’t it?)
  • I love antagonists more than protagonists.
  • Lastly, I watch whatever my friends recommend to me. Resistance is futile.


This is probably common in the Shounen genre, situations where the main male protagonist and the villain have their face-off, and the former starts talking about goodwill, justice, the wrong in what the latter was doing—like he has all the time in the world. May I also blame the villain for even wasting precious seconds listening to the hero preaching instead of killing him right there and then?

Let me just tell you that scenes like that annoy me to no end, but not enough to make me go apeshit and close the video.

I laughed when I saw this in Index.

I laughed when I saw this in Index.

What makes me want to do that, however, are situations wherein the hero talks big, and ends up getting his ass kicked. Which is absolutely pathetic. He had time to make long speeches when he cannot even defeat the villain. The story continues and his personality develops (for better or for worse). He makes friends, he gets stronger, he tries to defeat the villain again but failed (after he makes more speeches), he starts to lose hope, his friends help him gather his wits, he promise to protect them, they all go to confront the villain once more, the hero talks about friendship and trust, and finally, finally defeats the antagonist.

I take it’s a reference to “being human”. Making mistakes and getting back up.

There wasn’t anything wrong with that kind of plot. It’s all part of the character development and setting building.

Still, that kind of technicality-based opinion will not help ease ones irritation.

I am fully aware that a lot from the target demographic gets fired up with hero-talks like that, which is why me ranting about it is probably wrong in many ways. So I decided to sight the goods and bads of the few heroes from the Shounen animes I watched, instead of simply listing their bad points.



Toaru Majutsu no Index” (A Certain Magical Index)

Kamijou Touma

“I will kill that illusion of yours!” is his catchphrase.

The fact that he’s the first here doesn’t mean it’s him I dislike the most. In fact he’s one of those heroes I can actually tolerate. Touma is a self-proclaimed ‘unfortunate’ person. Well, he is. He is also your typical hero, very kind and caring.


  • That kindness actually cross the boundaries of being ‘nosy’. The “I-will-barge-into-your-business-because-I’m-very-worried-about-you” type. This does not only apply to his friends, but also to those people he just met. (Why is this bad? You wonder).
  • He talks a lot during fights.
  • He is kinda dense.


  • His nosiness actually solved a lot of problems. Just look at the Level 6 Shift Project.
  • His talks can bend the villains’ wills to fight sometimes. Kinda like the enlightenment.
  • He tries his best to fulfill his promises.
  • “Fukuo da.”



“Accel World”

Accel World - EX 02 - Vacation 「温泉」 Onsen

Haru going into diet. If you don’t like those veggies, I’ll have it.

I find absolutely nothing wrong with an overweight protagonist. If there’s anything I want to complain about his looks, it’s his height. Why is he like half or 3/4 of his leading lady? It would’ve been better if he was an inch or two taller than Kuroyukihime.


  • Self-pity. Always. (Which is understandable, so I went through a lot of inner arguments if it’s appropriate to put it here.)
  • He starts preaching even before he confirms that the enemy is really defeated. Which ends up to his lost.
  • Mood swings.


  • That self-pity makes him himself. So it was probably one of the reasons why he was able to understand Chrome Disaster, from an arc in the light novel series. Very useful, if you ask me.
  • He gets hold of his sanity well somehow. How ironic.



“Guilty Crown”

Guilty Crown - EP 03

I like his character design though.

I just finished watching the full anime earlier. Sigh. I want to bash him a lot but poor kid deserves a fair review from me in the memories of my favorite character Hare, so yeah.


  • He trusts easily.
  • He sways easily.
  • He tries to be a person he isn’t. (He realized it faster though)
  • He has gotten corrupted in the middle of the anime.


  • He acts like a normal person would in the middle of crisis (a coward, in short). This only applies in the earlier parts of the series though.
  • He can forgive.



“Infinite Stratos”

Infinite Stratos - EP 02

His Infinite Stratos is pretty simple, no?


  • He can also talk big. But he usually runs into trouble in the middle of the fight. Rash.
  • He is extremely dense when it comes to girls’ advances. There should be an extent to how clueless a person can be.
  • Can he actually operate an IS if Shinonono Tabane didn’t arrange that ‘audition’? I felt that was cheating. (No idea, so I just put it here).


  • He’s not opportunistic.
  • Not a pervert.



“Sword Art Online”

Sword Art Online - EP 09

I would like to take a more suitable screenshot some other time.

Kirito is very close to being Gary Stu, if not there yet. A very well-made hero.


  • He can be quite sentimental.
  • His character is probably considered overkill. From Sword Art Online to Gun Gale Online.


  • He has Asuna.
  • He talks, he wins. He’s actually pretty cool.
  • That sentimentality can be a driving force for him to fight.
  • Faithful, as far as what I’ve seen and read (up to Mother’s Rosario). Poor other girls from his harem though.


Conclusion, every one of these characters have irritated me at one point, but I can accept that they are heroes of their own series and at the end, they managed to live up to their titles. However, it doesn’t change the fact that while I was watching their animes, it’s not only once I muttered “shut up” and “just fight”. I am probably semi aware which point I’m wrong, and fully aware that I’m very biased.

It’s because I don’t see the need to talk under pressure that I wrote this, but it seems I was disoriented near-end, as usual. I ended up writing their good and bad qualities, when all I wanted earlier was to rant. Was this for the better or…?

So if the last few parts didn’t make any sense, blame Fast and Furious 6.


That’s it for this post. I have a few more male protagonists I want to comment on, like Alibaba Saluja of “Magi” and Zero Kiryuu of “Vampire Knight” but something distracted me and this is as far as I can write right now. I’ll probably make a post for my favorite villains as well.

By the way, my favorite hero is Shiba Tatsuya of “The Irregular at Magic High School”. You might have an idea what it is I look for in a male protagonist if you read the light novel series.

I’m Lost

I’ve been busy—I say that a lot but I only watch anime or movies most of the time. Anyway, it’s very hot in here everyday that it felt like I’ve sinned a thousand times every time I go out because it burns my skin. But I fought with drowsiness and that ‘hotness’ to watch “Iron Man 3” yesterday. I quietly condemned Tony Stark and whispered, “you could’ve just given me the suits”.  But he’s awesome enough to get revenge for the ruined Limited Edition Dora the Explorer watch so I’ll let it pass.

The actual topic of this post has nothing to do with me watching Iron Man 3 though.

It’s about the day before we went to the mall. It was 9pm and my friend/college classmate told me to download Ragnarok Online. I asked her what she’s doing playing that when she has LOL, she said her internet connection pisses her off so much so she needs to lay low. I wondered what’s the connection of having me install Ragnarok Online with all that but I assumed she was bored with playing with her brother and wants to infect me with her gaming addiction.

I installed Ragnarok Online (because I’m bored), with the thought that I’ll uninstall it asap if I will not like it. At 11:30pm, “Gamer Friend” and I went online on the game. She gave me 5 Million Zeny (money on Ragnarok) to get me started. She also gave me a lot of items.

The last time I played an RPG game was in 2011 and it was Dragon Age II. Also Left 4 Dead 2.

Too bad I didn't get to finish it.

Too bad I didn’t get to finish it.

So there was a barrage of insults from me towards the graphics of Ragnarok Online (well it is a pixel game or something). But I dislike the fact that they used kiddie looking avatars…Gamer Friend told me they upgraded it on the other version. Oh well. So I started playing, I at least had a few background with how it work with games like this. I remember I used to play a lot of DOTA in high school, so Items, Shops, Requirements and whatnots are nothing new (I just realized now that it might be the reason why I’m the only one Gamer Friend keeps on bugging about installing a lot of games).

In a few minutes, I reached Base Level 9 and got a job. Gamer Friend excused herself because apparently, their family is going to the province for 5 days without internet, with a ‘good luck’ to me, she logged out.

After three hours:

I couldn't screenshot the 600+ critical hit.

While it is great I didn’t have to go too close to the enemies, buying arrows is a pain.

Without any idea where to go (I find the map and locations a bit too complicated without my guide), I reached level 37 after hunting spores and bigfoots. I managed to buy a lot of new bows with more attack power. I think it was a great idea to increase dexterity when I started.

Anyway, after I got bored, I went to sleep and woke up after an hour.

I needed to watch Iron Man 3. I arrived at the cinema 10 minutes after the movie started, I almost wanted to whack my head because trailers are the best part of theater experience and I just missed all of them, including the first six minutes of the movie. And it was in 3D. Blahblah. When I got home I played a bit.

My plan is actually to surpass my Gamer Friend’s character level before she gets back. Which is a rather challenging feat, since she’s already in her Transcendent Second Class Job, and if I remember correctly, at base level 75, or higher if my nearsightedness fooled me.

The first hurdle is this post’s title: I’M LOST.

The Archer is a First Class Job. It’s the first thing I picked after I got out of Novice level.

My Gamer Friend’s First Class Job is Swordsman, and now she’s a Lord Knight. 

You can look at this to understand more about Ragnarok Online Classes.

Gamer Friend actually helped me get the Archer job. In the field, she provoked monsters and acted as decoy while I hit them (for me to gain experience points to level up faster) and guided me through the buildings and which people I should talk to (NPC).

To promote my character to a Second Class Job, which is Hunter—I needed to consult the internet for the guide. I had a real hard time finding Hugel. And a lot happened, I arrived there anyway. But turns out I still need to acquire a few stuffs and talk to a few more people to complete the quest and be a hunter.

Quest: Find 3 Tooth of Bat, 1 Sticky Mucus, and 1 Bear Foot

The last two are checked.

Now where the heck are “Tooth of Bat”s supposed to be? From Payon I went out to the field and walked to another field and another and another. The current state of my character:

A Wolf's feet on my face.

A Wolf’s paw on my face.

The more I travel from field to field, the more hostile the monsters are. There are those that attack even when you are just passing by. I ran into a lot of trouble with the scary version of willows and beetles and other whatnots. While I know which monster will drop “Tooth of Bat”, I absolutely have no idea how to get to the place where they are. And if I do, can I fight them. Whenever I buy a lot of red potions for healing, my weight reaches its limit and I’m unable to auto-regenerate my HP and SP, which is bad because even if I sit there all day, my stats will not improve.

I have nothing more to say.

There goes the post that should’ve been for Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica review. That was supposed to be last month. In drafts it says, the post has 1400+ words…now I’m thinking of not finishing it and make one for “Toaru Majustsu no Index” and “Toaru Kagaku no Railgun” instead.

Procrastination, Distraction?

So most people probably had those moments when they intended to do something, but ended up doing stuffs totally different. That’s me today. When Mom woke me up for breakfast I opened my laptop before I went out of my room (I want to save myself from waiting for it to open and load all the stuffs it needs to load).

After breakfast, I told myself I need to post a review for “Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica” before I forget what I think about that anime. I mean, I rewatched it a few times already and I might get tired of it and completely disregard doing a post for it if my laziness continues. I opened Firefox and WordPress, as well as the “add a new post” page. Despite doing that, I found myself opening my animes folder and watching “Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu” after five minutes.

A part of my mind went—

I thought you were going to write about Magical Girls?

I thought you were going to write about Magical Girls?

—but I ignored it. My Haruhi Suzumiya marathon continued for the next 6 hours. Or maybe it was more than 6 hours. That is probably an outrageous length for some people but in my defense, I haven’t seen this series and isn’t it nicer to watch it continuously to avoid forgetting the current plot (that sometimes happens when you drag your watching time into 1 episode per week).

In between those 6 or 8 hours, the “add a new post” window remained opened on the side of my Firefox’s task bar.

On the first “break”, I drank water and opened a bag of chocolate chip cookies. Watch. Second break, I opened the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Wikia and edited a few stuffs I forgot to do yesterday, the act of adding more articles seem endless. Watch. Third, the Facebook bar keeps on blinking (on Firefox) and it bothers me. A friend mentioned one of my tumblr gifs reached 10,000 notes. I spazzed for a few minutes and visited tumblr. The gif really did, such an amazing achievement for a 4-month old blog. I still have no idea why of all gifs, it’s of Haruhi (Ouran High School Host Club)—that name reminds me I still need to continue watching the other Haruhi so I closed tumblr, with a promise that I will post more gifs later.


On the episode I was in, Koizumi was talking about supernatural beings and whatnots. I decided to check on the MKNR Wikia again and went to Baka-Tsuki to check the light novel facts. I wrote a few summaries from Volume 1, Chapter 1 and posted it on the site. I continued my Haruhi Suzumiya marathon after closing the Wikia window.


Just a few folders below the Haruhi Suzumiya folder is the Madoka Magica folder. I remembered what I planned to do when I woke up and clicked on the still opened WordPress “add a new post” window. I wrote a sentence and Mom arrived to borrow the laptop for a bit. (I have Zuma Revenge and the likes installed and she loves playing them, on daily basis), so I wasn’t surprised anymore. I gave way and lay down on my bed.

I opened YouTube on my iPod and searched for random videos. I ended up watching Akemi Homura fighting Robocop.

When Mom finished playing games, I took a seat in front of the laptop again but I didn’t continue watching Haruhi Suzumiya. I went to YouTube and decided to watch the video above.

I’ve always wanted to buy figmas, but my SNSD merchandises eat my money and leave me with tattered pockets. I don’t exactly intend to collect a ton of anime figures but I want this. That enhanced armament “Immobile Fortress” obviously look like it’ll take a lot of space but it looks gorgeous!!

So I continued watching Moonshine’s stop-motion videos and ended up having too much fun. I was too focused while watching the Luka Megurine V.S. Kirino animation. I even wondered what Kirino must’ve done to Kuroneko for the latter to have her assassinated. Was Ruri just pissed off because Kirino prefers magical girls over Maschera? lol.

The mention of Magical Girls reminded me again of how far I’ve drifted from my original plan of posting a review for, in case you forget the title because of all the stuffs I spewed, “Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica“.

This is you getting pissed with how often I drift off topic.

This is you getting pissed with how often I drift off topic.

After having a blast with the stop-motion videos, ending with Nyarlko dancing Harlem Shake (until now I have no idea what that is but I’m not in the mood to research), I Google-d for a certain ice cream store (it’s Summer here and very hot), but their website said they’re going to pull out because this country’s customs is corrupt and the tax they put on imported goods are abnormal. I silently sided with the ice cream brand.

I will forever be bitter with customs.

After ranting a bit to my friend who conveniently appeared on my chatbox, I watched the recent episodes of Utapri Season 2 and Red Data Girl. I went back to watching Haruhi Suzumiya after it.

The “add a new post” window remained untouched until we went out for dinner.

I love Madoka Magica so I promise to this post I’ll make a review tomorrow (which is like five minutes from now). I’m uncertain if everything I wrote will happen again later.

Reaching You ※ Kimi ni Todoke

When one isn’t really into watching animes, isn’t it only normal to prefer online uploads (streaming) over downloading a full series or buying the DVD and Bluray discs? That also depends on one’s resources, of course. But assuming one has an internet connection at home, and is bored, that person will probably choose the first option. The me two years ago will have to agree.

In the period where one only gets to watch a show because they’re tired of their friends’ endless commendations and spazzes – and in order to make them shut up, you’ll oblige – one wouldn’t put much effort getting into that particular show. The enthusiasm was forced so if the person’s “friends” won’t provide the materials, the person in question will probably go to Google and click the first page that comes up, and watch blandly, the hell with quality. That person will probably watch it even if they have to start at Episode 10 (not that they noticed). So the next time, when asked if he or she watched it, the person will say ‘yes’. Well, they did watch it – just not from the start. They can always say “I’m not done yet” and change the subject. Or:

Kimi ni Todoke _ Season 1 - 002 Seating Change 席替え.mkv

That is normal for uninterested people.

And then there was me. A hardcore SNSD fan which interests lie in a completely different area of entertainment. A person who miraculously and unknowingly surrounded herself with anime-fans for friends. I’m not someone who make a big deal out of other people’s hobbies, and while I’m not easily swayed by “peer pressure” or stuffs related to that, I at least try to learn a bit about their likes, since it helps with the flow of conversation. It’s amusing whenever I ask something anime-related, and they immediately bombard me with information, characters, plots, and recommendations (obviously trying to ‘convert’ me) that I just reply with “please send the list to my cellphone” or “please write it in a piece of paper so I won’t forget”. But since it wasn’t really my thing, I never got around finishing an anime. Whenever I try to start, an SNSD update comes out and bam, I forget what I was doing before that.

Me to Girls' Generation

Me to Girls’ Generation

All that happened back in early 2011.

Kimi ni Todoke” (君に届け lit. Reaching You) or “From Me to You” is probably one of the most popular anime/manga in the Shoujo genre, something one of my friends never fail to mention to me. It was the very first anime I downloaded. Until now I can never answer why – of all the animes mentioned, all the animes I could’ve just watched online – did I download this one? In 720p, no less (even now I think 1080p is too much even if my monitor is big).

Our internet connection wasn’t really the greatest then, and downloading two episodes takes an hour to finish. The me back then will always prioritize downloading SNSD performances over any other video files. But how come I have the full season of this anime? Ironically, was that the friend who recommended it to me copied the files I downloaded because “the quality is better”.

Kimi ni Todoke _ Season 2 - 008 To You 届け.mkv

I thought that I should’ve just downloaded the smaller version because the series will just take up the space that was meant for my other files. But I never erased it. Neither did I get to watch it that year. I vaguely remember opening a file from that folder and complimenting the subtitles/typesetting but that’s about it. There were simply too much Girls’ Generation concerts in 2011.

The reader of this post will probably wonder where the heck the review for “Kimi ni Todoke” is. Well, this isn’t a review post about the series that until now – I haven’t finished. It’s just a semi-anecdote about how someone like me managed to find an very nice version of the series when I’m supposed to be ‘uninterested’.

Perhaps that was a foreshadowing for the me right now, who despises 480p version of anime episodes like a prick. And so my introduction about watching online, is just…no. Doesn’t that just hurt your eyes? Even if you say you activate Full Screen mode, the pixelated versions…

Kimi ni Todoke _ Season 2 - 005 The Person That I Like すきな人

To not leave this post hanging, I’ll tell you the reason why I haven’t finished watching the anime yet, even after two years of the files in my possession.

The colors are nice, backgrounds, also the sounds. While not the best out there, the character designs look fine too. It also has funny ‘chibi like’ scenes from time to time. But…

Have you ever heard of the phrase, ‘fingers curling in embarrassment’? Or just curling in embarrassment really. That’s me while watching this series. It’s not like I can’t stand Shoujo genre’s mushiness (or sweetness in the eyes of fans), but there’s something about this series that make me pause the video every now and then because my fingers suffer. I mean, “Kaichou wa Maid-sama” is a Shoujo too but I was able to finish it in three days (an impressive feat for me a year ago). Until I cure these weird ’embarrassment’ issues I get from watching “Kimi ni Todoke“, I’ll probably never be able to finish it. Ever.

I can admit scenes like this may be "cute" / "romantic" for most people though.

I can admit scenes like this may be “cute” / “romantic” for most people though.