Short Review ※ Unlimited Fafnir

I’ve been quite busy recently so I didn’t have the leisure to create separate and long posts about the Animes that I’ve watched these past few weeks. It bugged me that I was only able to tell my comments to one of my friends though, so I just have to write my thoughts (for my peace of mind). I love reading my past post about my first impression on the things I watch so I have to do this.

Anyway, the title has “Shoujo” in it, but it didn’t mean I only watched romcoms or romance drama. I also watched other genres, but most of the series I’ve seen target that demographic. Let’s start:

Beware: Spoilers Ahead


Juuou Mujin no Fafnir

English: Unlimited Fafnir

And here I am starting with a non-shoujo anime. I’ve been curious since I saw the title on my HDD. Yes, it’s still one of those Animes I so effortlessly copied from my officemate’s husband. The term ‘Fafnir’ is obviously not Japanese so it’s quite eye-catching.

Juuou_Mujin_no_Fafnir_-_04_(720p)_(FFF).mkv_snapshot_20.25_[2015.06.21_17.06.40] copy

Mythology was one of my strongest points (or maybe you can say it was my favorite) when I was in high school, but our classes only covered Greek and Roman Mythologies, which are quite similar with each other so I paid no heed to Norse Myths back then, thinking it was just another version of the two. So you can say I have absolutely no knowledge about it other than the corruptions made from RPG games, movie adaptations and Animes. Now that I mention it, they use Norse Mythology characters quite a lot.

Unlimited Fafnir uses it too, although I think the anime was too short to even have the chance to explain why they used Norse Mythology as basis; but I’m not one that goes on a rampage just because the series wasn’t explain well. Going to the core issue:


  • The story setting is at a modern Academy that serves as some sort of shelter for the young girls that were called “D”s. The Ds are the people that has a unique mark someone in their body – it symbolizes that they have a Dragon pair. I mean, a real dragon pair. The Ds possess powers for some reasons, due to their past encounters with the Dragons. Unfortunately, that’s a double-edged sword because being a D means that someday, their dragon pair will come for them. If unable to resist the dragon, the D will also become a dragon herself.
  • So the academy teaches the female Ds on how to use their antimatter powers in order to repel the dragons’ attempts in turning their comrades into monsters.
  • Much like how Infinite Stratos went, Mononobe Yuu entered the school as the only existing male D.
  • Most of the episodes only showed how the girls and Mononobe fight with the Dragons that tries to turn their classmates.


  • I didn’t really check the genre online before I decide to watch it, so I had no idea it was ‘harem’. With that said, the characters comprise of one male hero and several female characters that may or may not be in love with him.
  • Mononobe Yuu, the main character is surprisingly dependable compared to the usual clumsy/idiotic heroes of other series under the same genre. I think his power, which is literally huge, is quite awesome as well.
  • The different archetypes showed themselves yet again: Imouto-type, Tsundere-type, Kuudere and Dandere types, and there’s the Klutzy type as well.
  • (Hi10)_Juuou_Mujin_no_Fafnir_-_02_(720p)_(FFF).mkv_snapshot_20.54_[2015.06.20_15.12.17] I’m uncertain whether I liked where it was going, but Mononobe Mitsuki (the imouto) seems to harbor some feelings for her brother. She’s pretty too and I think they look good together, but I felt she’ll be better of as a single character than Yuu’s leading lady. The flashbacks seem to imply that they weren’t really siblings to begin with, so the complicated forbidden love is hanging somewhere. It’s a plus that her power/weapon is named Brionac. It brings memories of one of my most favorite LN characters.
  • (Hi10)_Juuou_Mujin_no_Fafnir_-_12_(720p)_(FFF).mkv_snapshot_20.48_[2015.06.21_22.47.42]Freyja Iris, the girl who seems to be the one that raised the most flags during the entire series, is a klutz but I didn’t particular get irritated with her. She said some nice quotes by the end of the series so it overturned whatever my first impression of her was. Oh, she’s a fanservice pool, btw.


  • The villain, Kili Surtr Muspellzheimr, reminds me of both Homura (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica) and Shana (Shakugan no Shana) at the same time. It’s that kind of face.
  • Tear Lightning, the girl who thought she was a dragon, had been the focus of the series for quite a few episodes but I couldn’t really say much about her. Some people might find her annoying though. Although I think she and Lisa Highwalker make a good pair (non-romantic).
  • And while the other girls were also nice, I didn’t really see any dramatic character development from them. Or I should probably say that the progress made by the others did not really leave that much impact.

Overall Thought:

I don’t think Unlimited Fafnir was bad and it did explain what’s going on with the story. It’s just that 12 episodes didn’t really match with the type of story that’s suppose to have a lot of flashbacks. It lacked the comedic atmosphere that is common on some harems though – not that it was supposed to be funny anyway. The drawing was good, even though they combined 3D effects with it. The action scenes weren’t too bad as well. So if you like stories with an overpowered main character and a bunch of female characters fighting monsters, I guess this isn’t a bad choice.


I love it! ※ Saekano

※ Grammar Nazi. You’ll faint here.

Saekano, for better or for worse, was a title that I didn’t even notice in my HDD.

Assuming that you haven’t read my previous posts, my officemate’s husband lend me his external hard disk drive (HDD) a month or two ago, and I copied a not-so-insignificant number of Animes. Being an aloof person in real life, I’m not the type that flaunts whatever it is I like (no matter the scale).


But I guess moths are attracted to flame indeed. My officemate eventually found out that I, in some degrees, like watching Animes. She readily revealed that her boyfriend (they haven’t married yet then) is a huge fan of Animes and that it’s not an exaggeration to say that he downloads them 24/7. Cutting the story short, he readily lend me his external hard disk drive after my officemate gave him a list of the Animes that I want a copy of.

He prepared a folder for my requested Animes, but bless his soul, he also included a diverse collection of other series as well. I was surprised at how updated he is! I honestly thought that he’s going to say he can only give me overly popular and long Animes like Naruto or Bleach (btw, that’s not an insult towards the Animes mentioned lol).

One of the Animes in his HDD was “Saekano”.

In the middle of unknown (to me) Japanese Anime Titles, “Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata” is hardly outstanding. Except for the ‘Heroine’ word of course. But through random file-opening, with a dead-panned expression, I Google-d what the title means while opening Episode 00 (Prologue). I watched for five minutes or so, or at least until “the black-haired girl” finished acting out her scene.

Unfortunately, it did not fully get my attention and I finished two other animes, namely: “Servant x Service” (which I actually just continued after I stopped watching it 2 years ago when I broke my laptop) and “Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge”.

For some reasons, I picked up Saekano again and absent-mindedly finished the Prologue. Until finally, in the middle of Episode 01, I paid attention and found it interesting. I had known from that one line preview from Google that it is sort of harem. Based on how the Prologue went, I had assumed it would be like OreShura — a not-so-bad yet boring Anime (it took a few minutes before I managed to type ‘boring’ by the way). It was regretful, but the Anime just didn’t left an impact on me, despite the cute drawings; so I didn’t have high hopes about Saekano. Of course, my beliefs were unfounded and soon I was smiling along the raging sarcasm that is Kasumigaoka Utaha.


Aki Tomoya is an otaku whose goal is to create the ultimate Dating Sims galge, in other words. I had thought that the thing that brings them all together wouldn’t play much of a big role in the series it happens a lot in this type of Anime that it almost feels like the staff forgot what the Anime is about and the characters just end up playing in a beach or going to a hot springs.

I am so glad that even until the end, the theme “creating a dating sims” is there; albeit the increased number of fanservice here and there. It also maintained its comedic nature to some extent despite the supposed serious flashbacks sometimes. I hate stressful shows so comedy is hai hai!


(Hi10)_Saenai_Heroine_no_Sodatekata_-_03_(720p)_(FFF).mkv_snapshot_14.31_[2015.06.07_02.06.51] (Hi10)_Saenai_Heroine_no_Sodatekata_-_03_(720p)_(FFF).mkv_snapshot_14.41_[2015.06.07_02.07.03]Rather than saying that he is dense, Aki Tomoya is a league different than most of the protagonists in the same genre. Being an otaku, you can say that he is by nature, delusional (hahaha, I’m sorry otakus, I did not mean to offend). So I think describing him as clueless is not right.

I mean, he get the hints, but…? I don’t really know how to explain it. But all the same, while he’s quite better than the rest, Mr. Ethical is still an idiot. By the way, I never understood the significance of that nickname.

Also, Tomoya’s depressing bouts are also lighter than Sorata’s (from the Anime Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo”), and made it easier to marathon the Anime without cursing the protagonist’s dramatic monologues. And oh, I insulted Sorata but I super love that Anime.

A side note… Kirito-kun. Why do I always hear your voice whenever it’s something related to a game?! Like seriously. I have no idea how many times I’ve heard the VA’s voice since Sword Art Online. And most of them are protagonists of an Anime where gaming is involved.

(Hi10)_Saenai_Heroine_no_Sodatekata_-_03_(720p)_(FFF).mkv_snapshot_20.10_[2015.06.07_02.14.03] (Hi10)_Saenai_Heroine_no_Sodatekata_-_10_(720p)_(FFF).mkv_snapshot_02.06_[2015.06.07_18.41.42]The second character, Sawamura Spencer Eriri is a half-Japanese, half-English student and an oujo-sama. Of course, sporting that blonde twin tails, Eriri is a tsundere and belongs to the osananajimi trope. The reason why she cannot be ignored is not because of the cliche archetypes she’s under, but because I found her talents amazing. They actually put some more substance into this character than just being your typical oujo-sama.

Eriri is also an otaku and a famous doujin creator, albeit a secret to everyone else except their club. Eriri mainly draw ecchi (R18+) doujins and asks her parents to sell them every time the Comiket is on-going. In some Animes, I can honestly say that tsunderes are tiring characters for me. Tiring to watch, that is. But she’s different because Eriri gave the impression of someone that is more of a background character than a person who has an edge in a harem competition.

She’s actually quite pitiful because as the story progresses (or not), more girls are added into the picture until her osananajimi role was no longer unique to her. She wasn’t as assertive as Utaha or the cousin and I think, ironically, despite being more exaggerated she also loses to Megumi.

Another thing, I love her name for some reasons. It’s weird.

(Hi10)_Saenai_Heroine_no_Sodatekata_-_10_(720p)_(FFF).mkv_snapshot_02.03_[2015.06.07_18.41.38](Hi10)_Saenai_Heroine_no_Sodatekata_-_09_(720p)_(FFF).mkv_snapshot_07.12_[2015.06.07_18.24.09]It’s a bit saddening that I have to introduce Kasumigaoka Utaha third but I’m following the introduction sequence of the Anime. And somehow, it is not surprising for me that I was able to write that name without rechecking. Eriri only calls Utaha by her full name so I memorized it in no time.

It can be said that it’s inevitable, but Utaha-senpai is one of my favorite girls in this series. No, I don’t actually ship Aki-Utaha, but as an individual, I think she’s awesome. Utaha is a third year high school in the series – a year older than Tomoya, Eriri and Megumi. She’s a lazy girl with black hair, and despite sleeping throughout her classes – the best student in their school; her other persona is a popular teen author who sold more than 500,000 copies of books despite being a newbie. It turns out, she’s also border Yandere.

Only in Animes can we find such a ridiculous combination of personality.

Another thing, out of all the flashbacks, I liked hers the most. When she was trying to give Aki Tomoya her draft. I don’t know why but I liked that scenario.

I don’t really have much to say about her, only when you see her dialogues would you find her character charisma, I guess. I also like her character design the most, it reminds me of a lot of my Kuudere biases.

(Hi10)_Saenai_Heroine_no_Sodatekata_-_11_(720p)_(FFF).mkv_snapshot_15.37_[2015.06.07_19.57.05] (Hi10)_Saenai_Heroine_no_Sodatekata_-_11_(720p)_(FFF).mkv_snapshot_18.46_[2015.06.07_20.01.45]The fourth character is Katou Megumi. She is my favorite in this series. Despite being plain, I found her character really great, I also think that she is the character that had the most development, albeit her lack of presence.

Her casual enjoyment towards games and Animes reminds me of myself from before (lol, it didn’t mean I’m the heroine type). That deadpanned face is another thing. I’m a big fan of expressionless anime girls so you can say that a big portion of why I love her is because I’m just that biased.

One of the scenes that really made me smile was when she went back from a family trip to “motivate” Aki Tomoya by pretending to be the heroine he had always dreamt of. I thought her acting was really awesome. Megumi doesn’t get flustered very much, and it could be argued that rather than being another love interest, she was the only one who treats Tomoya normally, like a friend.

Another thing (my “one more please” doesn’t end), the way she was always quietly doing things on her cellphone in the background is hilarious to me for some reasons.

As for the other two characters, the loli imouto whose name I forgot didn’t really stick that much so I don’t have much to say about her. Except, she’s also a good artist.

And for the last girl…

One picture only.

One picture only.

I was prepared to write a hate post two episodes before the end of Saekano solely for this girl. I have no intention of going back and opening a file to look for her name because I guess I deliberately made myself forget it. lol

You have no idea how much this character annoyed me, it was the same feeling I have towards Ouma Shuu (Guilty Crown). Like it’s been so long since I’ve seen red. It was good that she was introduced in the laaaaaaaatter part of the show, hence a conflict solved in a fast forwarded manner.

This girl is a selfish and loud girl. Not in any way the adorable type. I didn’t like how she’s a pool of fanservice as well. But I’ll stop here. A redeeming quality or life line appeared for her at the end of the show when the origin of her band was revealed so my irritation lessen by 50%. It actually saved her from a long post in which she was the main character.

So anyway, I love Saekano all in all. I wouldn’t give it a 10 but I really enjoyed the show. I was kind of looking forward to seeing how their game would sell but it wasn’t shown on the epilogue so an OVA would be nice…

New People ※ Infinite Stratos 2

So I started watching Infinite Stratos 2 yesterday and finished it just now. Before my laptop broke about a year ago, I was originally planning on following the second season but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. So late as I may be, here’s what I thought about the show.

Orimura IchikaLike what I said on my Madoka review, this isn’t really a review, it’s a blabber, a jumbled comment that wouldn’t say anything about the aesthetics of its animation and whatnot. I’ll just talk about the scenes that left an impact. And you should know that I also define ‘impact’ a bit differently.

First of, Orimura Ichika, the only male student in the IS Academy, is still as dense as ever. Ah. I’ve gotten over my irritation towards him. So now I’m just a biiiiiit exasperated with his helplessness. Anyway, I’ve seen the worst hero (in my book) just recently so every one else seems to have been colored in a different light.

In the first place, I’ve always liked the fact that Ichika isn’t a perverted shounen. But anyway, I’m not going to talk about Ichika.

From here on, spoiler alert to those who haven’t seen it yet.


I was taking a few screenshots while watching IS2 mainly because I plan to use them in GIF-ing some scenes, but I felt like writing a post for this anime because of what Cecilia Alcott did in this season.

Errr. Nandemo nai wa…


But before that, I guess I’ll talk about some minor (or major for some) details.

Some new characters…

  • Sarashiki Tatenashi

I wondered where she was during the first season since she’s supposedly a very popular and conspicuous person in the IS Academy, being the Student Council President and all that, and strongest in the Academy. But I’m not the type of person that stress too much on such details. Anyway, besides that bit of wonder, and amazement, I have no particular comment about this character. I’ve always loved White-haired characters with red eyes. But Laura Bodewig already got me. ;D



Since she always appeared with that fan, I’m reminded of something – or maybe you can say I was inspired. I suddenly wanted to post something about anime fetishes. Or something.

  • Sarashiki Kanzashi
Don't go Arita Haruyuki on me!!

Don’t go Arita Haruyuki on me!

As you might have surmised with name and face, she’s the imouto of the seito kaichou. The underrated sibling that has her onee-chan as akogare. I would’ve loved for her to maintain her indifference towards Ichika but she fell for him too. Haha! At one point in the series, when Tatenashi and Ichika were defeated by the unmanned drones, I blurted out, “Oh. She entered Zero Fill.

That’s in reference to Accel World. A state where in you cannot fight anymore because you don’t have enough will to do so, then you enter this pitch black scene where your voice echoes and you can hear/see that people you love or somethin’. lol



Infinite Stratos Girls

I think Infinite Stratos 2 is more laid-back than the first season, though I’m not sure if it’s good or not. I just felt like there were too much fillers and too little action scenes – which is TOTALLY fine with me, but I just wanted to mention it.

So kawaaaaaiiiii!!!

So kawaaaaaiiiii!!!

I'm still uncertain whether I like the eye-patch or not.

I’m still uncertain if I like the eye-patch.

I get to see a lot of kawaii Laura scenes. I knew, when I first saw her on IS1, that she will be the cutest. Well, I have a different definition of cuteness as well. She’s not my most – but she’s one of my favorite characters in the series. Especially since her eyes reminds me so much of Date A Live‘s Kurumi – who is one of my all-time biases as well.

I think she’s the most changed out of all the characters in the series. I had thought she make a formidable foe. Such a transformation.

Anyway, I didn’t take a screenshot, but one of the other things that made impact would probably be hers and Dunois’ animal pajamas. It’s not something unusual in itself, but Laura has turned into such a doll-like character, a total opposite of her Yandere old self.

By the way, I think I drifted off topic waaaaaaay too much that I had to change the title of this post.

I think I’ll have to make a separate post about Cecilia’s blunder. It just won’t fit in this random post. Besides, it deserves a solo post.


Some more things I remember would probably be Charlotte Dunois being such a good ice breaker. She has a lot of ways to get close to Ichika without being so obvious, doesn’t she? She always strike up conversations and suggest things so casually. She’s my favorite although I tend to spazz more about Laura. Her VA is one of my favorites as well.

And I also think that this screenshot is awesome. (: Yihaaa…

Charlotte Dunois

I think I’ll stop with Char. I remembered Cecilia and the her awesomeness so I’m itching to start another post. It’s kinda lonely without Houki and Rin in this post but most of my screenshots for them are related to the Cecilia post, so it can’t be helped lol.

Told you `tis not a review.